I’m NotAPaladin. I’m New!

Good morning!

I’m new to the world of magick and new to the community. I’ve tried a little bit of manifesting and a white spell or two, but I only seriously started looking into the craft since August 8th, so I can’t really say I have any experience whatsoever. By doing so, I’ve noticed that one of my favourite part of rituals/cleansing is the act of lighting the candle; burning things seems like a direct embodiment of the energy I want to give and receive in the universe. Also burning things is fun.

I found the community by looking for spells to get my ex boyfriend back, but it seems like magick can be utilized into several aspects of life, which I’d love to explore! Being new, however, I likely am making a lot of rookie mistakes (such as not being in as centred of a mindset for casting or being doubtful of its effectiveness, or worse, being really concerned about results!).

If you’ve got advice or best practises to share, I welcome it!

Thank you for your help; I’m excited to learn more and eventually help people like my present self when I know more.


Welcome to BALG! Just practice and practice. I was just like you 3 months ago, who was brought here out of love/relationship problem. While I’m not really new to doing rituals and contacting spirits before I came here, but I’m new to the systematics behind of it. I mean I don’t have a consistent technique of doing it before since I’m only doing it with pure instinct and nothing else.

Ever since I came here, I learned the proper way of establishing a connection which I lacked before, doing a proper ritual, and everything else related else related to magick. So welcome and don’t be afraid to share or ask in the forum about something, as this forum is made to share experiences and take knowledge of the experience of others. :grinning:

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Are there any threads in particular you’ve found especially helpful in your studies? Specifically for removing doubt about spell work and not being so concerned about outcomes, which I seem to have the most immediate trouble with.

Welcome to the forum @NotAPaladin, great to have you here. :wave:t5::hugs:


Doubt starts within you. Reprogramming your mind, I think, is a really big deal in manifesting your desired results. Like instead of thinking like this for which in your case as since you came here out of your lover, “will he come back?”, start reprogramming your mind that “I know very well that he will come back”. And live your life as if he didn’t left you.

You could also ask some spirits to help remove those doubts. I suggest to start with Lucifer, as He could advise you some avenues to forget those and to start thinking about yourself more. 10/10 I worked with Him and He’ll give you a lot of options which are all beneficial to you.


He’s my spirit guide and I greatly respect him! Hail Lucifer!


Thank you for your insight! I really appreciate it!

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If I may ask, have you done some spirit works already? Like contacting a spirit?

No, not at all. I’m hesitant to let another presence into my space since I’m still so new and am unsure how to keep interactions with them safe and mutually beneficial.

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Hi and welcome to BALG.

Are you primarily interested in white spells?

That’s what I’ve started in, and it’s where I’d like to begin focusing on.

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