I’m definitely not delusional:

I twas looking for change all around the household in the living room I look on a metal table nothing then I’m like bros come on I woke up sick I just need a dime to go get a soda pop then I sit down look to my right there it tis the change I needed and much more it twas 52 cents right there I don’t know if I’m being forgetful or not but I could have sworn there twas no change and there’s the exact change I need to quench my thirst.

I think invisible forces are working in the all around me, or are these my powers to sometimes manifest and manipulate space/time or something or what I need outta thin air because this sh*ts happened before and its amazing😉once I twas In the apartments all alone no one twas there in broad daylight and I know because I checked all windows doors locked and I twas definitely alone I walk down the hallway called out for my mother turned around then there are these toys that were never there before nor had I seen them in my entire life a emerald green ladder and something else I can’t quite remember it, and here I am experiencing the same thing all over and no I’m not on drugs or anything,

I also read a post about a black magician and a certain object disappearing then reappearing then Lucifer said to the black magician this tis the solar powers of your Milky Ways Star,

I don’t know this has happened quite a few times, am I a magician already this is interesting because my ancestors were Norse Viking sorcerers like my father said what do you guys gals and non-binary pals think, Magic’s a supernatural force that’s everywhere and everything,

Respond ASAP Multiverse Blessings.

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I usually blame a “trickster ghost” for disappearing and reappearing objects though I don’t even know if we have one of those in our house (though If if we do have any kind of ghost I wouldn’t blame it playing jokes I mean it would have to be pretty bored since mom doesn’t believe in ghosts and I don’t see spirits yet so image if it’s just hanging hoping to be noticed and talked to or something that’d be boring so if it did stuff to be noticed like I say I wouldn’t blame it).


I usually blame the Fae, and I ask them to “help” me find what is missing.

If you’re sick, you might want to know sugar suppresses your immune functions though, so soda will keep you feeling bad longer, just so you know.


Yeah I think the fae are like Jawas in star wars. Always stealing things so they can receive offerings to find it for you :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:
but I don’t want to judge too harshly. I’m sure they’re not all like that lol

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fae’s you say, interesting, I’ll give them a mental evocation call, fae’s May be small but there powers can move the stars and help the impossible become possible, since there hanging around me i best put out a spiritual employment job and have them do some work for me, I mean I do have sandal wood incense do fae’s/fairies love those???


I know, I just can’t stand this sore throat killing me, I can’t even sleep even worse I can barely dream,

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I’d suggest old school brown lister one but…

That stuffs a bitch and you’ll hurt more if ya use it (temporarily). It is anti bacterial though.

Also ginseng, garlic and echinacea to support you immune system. Maybe complete vitamins too. Then a healing spirit if that’s not enough to kick the bugs ass from here to kingdom come.


Listerine sheesh :roll_eyes: spellcheckers at it again.
Me as my listerine not lister one whatever the heck that is supposed to be.

Same. Although a funny thing I found out is that in Japan, they literally have a yokai the does that to people.