I Know the Reason of Life 😂

Hahaha! I think I actually discovered the reason of life!

And don’t worry, of course I am going to explain myself and try to use facts and evidence.

Wow… this was such an amazing discovery to come to. But the main point is that, the reason of life isn’t hard to get. There are a heap of confusions and misconceptions about it. The reason of life IS a special thing, but it is truly not the “be all end all” that some of us assumed it was.

It truly isn’t a complicated and unfathomable state of omniscience and omnipotence. Because those things are impossible. You can never be infinite in power otherwise you’d have ALL the power and take up literally every possible space, leaving no room for anything else.

Sometimes people miss the point, and sometimes people look too hard at the wrong thing or in the wrong places, believing some thing beyond simple comprehension exists. But the reason of life is fairly simple.

The reason of life is simply breaking everything down to its simplest form. Not to a single point, but breaking everything down to as simple as it can be, nothing more. There are literally heaps of concepts and information out there more complicated than the reason of life. Look again at the zodiac, which we know to be true from experience. That progression is true.

Scorpio is the deep aspect of the universe. The deepest, but not the final sign of the zodiac. Because the world isn’t infinitely deep, you break things down to as simple as it can go and understand that the concepts of the zodiac don’t budge further or fit into a deeper point. When you understand the reason of life your problems don’t disappear, but they become as simple as they can be. You see everything in its truth, nothing more.

Like say your dog dies, when everything is as simple as it could be, you are sad because your dog died.

When we are living in the complexities here all stacked on top of each other, plus all the confusion of not knowing, we have all this extra grief stacked on from different things i.e. an inner fear of the unknown, perhaps inner fear of not having control over life, confusion about the nature of power, not knowing how to best grieve and move on, so everything is harder and on Earth life is much more complex and frightening without the simplicity of “seeing everything as it is and nothing more”

When you know the reason of life, you don’t instantly vanish your problems. But you do move as fluidly and intelligently as you can. When you know the reason of life and a bad thing happens, you release and heal and move on, and there is no other confusion and nothing more to do, because you know this is all there is to do.

For an example and proof I will use Lucifer and Belial. These beings know the reason of life right? They’re not in their spiritual fortresses still pondering to get to it right? Well remember that time they had an arguement and a bunch of us could pick up on it. Well these are beings who know the reason of life and yet it was still possible for a struggle to break out between them. Because knowing the reason of life simplifies everything to its simplest complexity and when you get there it doesn’t become a single point, it just becomes as simple as it CAN be.

After Scorpio is Sagittarius. So after the deep meaning is discovered what happens next? There’s nothing more to happen except expansion in this field.

Knowing the reason of life isn’t existing in an ultimate state, but you are now in a clear state within this infinite field. It is not the “end” of any journey or way of being, because there is no end. If you were infinite in size/power there would be no room for anything else. You become clear and everything is as simple as it can be and now you are in this field, so you can explore everything and everywhere clearly like Sagittarius and you have clear knowledge about the only thing you can do with any situation. Many things but certainly not everything is a quick fix.

After Sagittarius is Capricorn, climbing in status and power. You CAN always become more powerful and knowledgeable about certain things. Aquarius and Pisces is just extra stuff.

So for me this was pretty amazing. The reason of life is not complex. There are more complex things and concepts out there. Knowing the reason of life is breaking everything down to being as simple as it can be. Then you move around in this field, clear-sighted, and gain in power. What do you all think?


I really don’t know how to respond because you just summed it up to it’s most simple point.
No but seriously that’s the goal, self knowledge and knowledge of your environment so you can shed yourself and become stronger.
So many people get caught up in the sentimentality of things but from a higher state of consciousness the issue is really insignificant.
So much suffering from ignorance and a lack of understanding.

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Yes! It is called EXTRA suffering. And the extra is not needed.

From point zero, there is a limit to what you can do with knowledge in the immediate sense. You can’t “know away” problems, there is no way to get that strong. You have to work with reality and see things in full clarity

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What we do from this point is travel and develop at maximum speed. Unhindered by anything unnecessary. The completely stable Level Zero. It’s all about clarity.

i was going to keep the comment, but am trying to refrain from debates online :joy:

I didn’t see the comment, but we should be able to debate this, I can’t see a flaw in it

If certain concepts we all know are fixed, then I’m sure there’s a fixed answer here too!

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When they talk about us “waking up”, it is not an all-knowing or all-powerful state of being, it’s an all-clear state of being.

When you are awake you can then walk around, do a job, learn a skill, consolidate power but you do all of this in wakeness.

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