The Zodiac is a Heirarchy

Controversial but as always I will be supplying you with evidence and reasoning for my arguement :stuck_out_tongue:

The zodiac signs are composed of an element, a modality, planetary energy and numerology.

I have reasons to believe the ‘zodiac wheel’ or rather its order narrates to us the journey of a soul.


Represent archetypal energy forces most of us should be familiar with. E.g. the sun is who you are while mercury is how you think and thus communicate.



While most people are aware that the twelve star signs are assigned to one of four elements (this leads to three signs per element) some people don’t know that star signs also have something called a modality, they are either: cardinal, fixed and mutable. These can be thought of as being like the states of matter.

Before I get into deeper analysis I want to again say that I believe the Zodiac is a Heirarchy of Social Intelligence. But first I want to go through the elements and their set order.



Fire is the first element. It is the element of pure creative energy.
Power is the most direct and is expressed through the self and will.
It is Yang and more active.
It is a wavy and fluid element, so to speak, which is to say it is involved in creation and destruction.
Fire dominates and destroys other things to enlargen itself.


Earth is the second element. It is the element of stabilizing energy that already exists, because it was created before.
Power becomes slightly more subtle, instead of being about creation which is an action, it is about solidifying. Hence earth’s power is expressed in its durability, strength and ability to withstand and not in its ability to be expressive.
It is Yin and less active, more defensive in strength.
It is a logic element, so to speak, which is to say it is involved in doing things with energy that already exists and not creation or destruction.
Earth takes on a fixed form that is strong and stable.


Air is the third element. It is the element of expansion beyond a stable point, it uses fixed earth to stand on and exchanges solidity for speed and longer-vision.
Power becomes more subtle, instead of stabilizing it is about the intellect and expansion which is why air prefers to think its way out of problems and exercise power with its mind. Hence air is less interested in specific details of the tangible but distant concepts and abstract ideas, looking beyond to far-away ideas and what can be gleaned from distance and a wider picture.
It is Yang and more active, due to the freedom of its detachment.
It is a logic element, so to speak, which is to say it is involved in doing things with energy that already exists and not creation or destruction.
Air expands thanks to the hard, stabilizing work of the element before it.


Water is the fourth element. (I used to believe that Water was strong in its weakness, as in being weak to things allowed it to percieve better but I realised I was wrong.) It is the element of feelings, which is a form of power, and it is a highly generative element.
Power becomes the most subtle. Water signs can appear to be weak but they have Power in Feeling. Anything that is powerful, regardless of if it’s positive or negative, used intelligently or not, is still powerful. There is no such thing as power and anti-power, it is all just power. Rather, water signs must use their Power of Feeling in conjunction with their will and intelligence, for use in magic and to assert themselves in life. By adopting recessive traits water is responsible for allowing life to come forth.
It is Yin and less active, seeming to generate power instead of embodying it.
It is a wavy and fluid element, so to speak, which is to say it is involved in creation and destruction. Makes sense then that fire and water are at the beginning and end, and that creation and destruction are often interchangible.
Water has Power in Feeling. It can also create through the act of receeding to embody power, instead of directly.
I can feel that there are more secrets to this mysterious element that I’m not yet aware of, but more realisations in time I’m sure.

So water leads back into fire, because through being recessive it creates raw life (fire), like giving birth to a child or idea. This creates a terminating cycle, the three sets of four zodiac signs, which I will get into.

The Zodiac Journey:

The Cardinal Set: resonating with one numerologically

Aries: the baby of the zodiac.

CARDINAL FIRE: which is to say, fire in liquid (chaotic, changeable) state and with no prior experiential knowledge. The soul is born and is a sheer force of will. Aries is very willful, but due to its lack of prior knowledge as it is the first, it also appears very innocent. Aries lacks cunning. Fire is about beginnings, it is raw power that is transformed by the elements after it.

Planet: Mars - conquering energy. Existance is about power expressed with will. At its simplest form the soul embodies this higher truth.

If fire signs are a campfire, Aries is the flickering flames.

Chakra: the first, the base. Our root and our stability of our existance is self, even if Aries’ will has not been stabilized yet in the zodiac sense, it’s all power and energy anyway. Everything at its core exists because it “selfishly” took up space, everything is the centre of its own universe.

Taurus: the child of the zodiac. Instead of being a baby that wants what it wants, it has become aware of the world outside itself. Toys, possessions, and specifically the difference between quality of these things, some are better than others.

FIXED EARTH: the pure and un-nuanced will from before has been entirely stabilized. As we progress the signs become more subtle and nuanced and gain in a form of social intelligence. Taurus can be stubborn as it has the experiential knowledge of being Aries, but has thrown itself fully into the realm of the stable world. Stabilizing and being fixed.

Planet: Venus - the beauty and allure of physical (earth) things, the difference in quality and what is desirable. Pure-force-of-will Aries moves towards that which is most desirable.

If earth signs are the landscape Taurus is the stable ground around us.

Chakra: the second, sacral. It is to do with pleasures, highly reminiscent of Venus which rules Taurus and is what it represents. Desire and quality.

Gemini: the teenager of the zodiac. Coming into intellectual ability without emotional maturity yet. A force of will (Aries) built upon stable concepts (Taurus) to expand itself. The number three is very special and powerful due to representing expansion and being an active force. Despite not having much experiential knowledge and thus as much social intellegence, it is highly reflective of the end state we want to attain.

MUTABLE AIR: We are now expanding beyond the will that has been stabilized and are powerful again. The soul has finally developed its intellectual capabilities for abstract ideas, and it’s how Gemini gets a bad rap for being an unrestrained liar (inventive creator) at times. Using its will without emotional maturity. It is a powerful sign, even if un-nuanced.

Planet: Mercury - intellect and thus communication. Thinking. It is most useful so is closest to the sun, self.

If air signs are the atmosphere, Gemini is the wind that travels above the ground, above Taurus, moving this way and that because it is very curious to learn all it can, so it travels all over the surface of the world.

Chakra: The self, the solar plexis. We are more than sheer will and awareness, we are traits and qualities (which are intelligences because everything is information expressed in existence). This is the core of who we are. We take our will and expand beyond the stability done before, beyond the duality, into three.

Cancer: the mother of the zodiac. Emotions learned for the first time, but unrestrained and un-nuanced, not controlled and often percieved as weak. Cancer has experiential memory of the past three signs and the soul is exploring the realm of the emotions for the first time. These first four signs have been direct and not-nuanced.

CARDINAL WATER: There is no fourth state of energy/matter. Water brings about the ending, and with it a new set is born through the pioneering energy of fire. Perhaps it’s because creation and destruction are the same and that is why water takes on the same initial modality as fire?

Planet: Moon - a secret and mysterious occult phenomena. The moon’s phases represent cycles and how power can grow, become optimal, shrink, and be at its worst. Water is feminine while fire is masculine.

If water signs are the ocean, Cancer is the crashing waves at the shore. Changible like the speed of Gemini’s air mutability, Cancer matured from Gemini.

Chakra: the heart chakra, which as we know as LHP practitioners must be limited. Cancer has a reputation for being the softest and weakest sign of the zodiac. The Power of Feeling is quite cardinal and chaotic, with rapid mood-swings. Water is still quite mysterious to me.

The fixed set: and so we move to set two. The prior set all resembled Aries due to the fact they were un-nuanced and in a sense pure to their element. Very “initial”. You will see how the next set resemble Taurus, earth, fixed ideas and the number two.

Leo: Fire sets the tone for what is to come, while Aries is birth and initial existance of things, Leo is a full self and moves to stabilize it. Leo is no longer about “I am me” but is now about “the me that I am is great”. Leo is concerned with glory. Each element is trying to learn from the one that came after it as it levels up in this new cyclical set. As such…

FIXED FIRE: Fire is trying to stabilize, like Aries trying to copy Taurus. The problem is that fixed is strong but slow-moving, and fixed ideas do not reflect the true infinite nature of the universe in the ways that mutable ideas do. So while Leo takes pride in the concept of nobility, nobility is not always an intelligent way to be, like if you were fighting to win for example.

Planet: Sun - after now having a footing in the realms of will, stabilizing, intellect and feelings, Leo has now become a self. It seeks to be a glorious self as it continues to ascend.

If fire signs were a campfire, Leo would be the hot glowing coals in the centre of the flame, similar to the sun and how it’s the centre of this universe (but there is no centre position within the infinite field, it’s all about expansion and gaining in power).

Chakra: the throat, which is about “expressing your truth/self” since Leo is fixed (like truth) and is expressive (like energetic fire).

[P.S. my incubus is a Leo :stuck_out_tongue:]

Virgo: Earth now moves to expand intellectually in a fixed (earth) way.

MUTABLE EARTH: Earth is trying to expand, like Taurus trying to copy Gemini. Leo is no longer looking at the self that it is, but by existing in the realm of self-hood it is looking out at the landscape of all the other selves around it. The problem is that fixed is strong but slow-moving, and fixed ideas do not reflect the true infinite nature of the universe in the ways that mutable ideas do. So while Virgo uses its intellegence conscientiously with regards to others, having a reputation for being helpful and humble, that is not always an intelligent way to be, like if you were fighting to win for example.

Planet: Mercury - Earth is now intellectualising itself and stable ideas.

If earth signs were the landscape, Virgo would be the forests full of a plethora of varying lifeforms. Complexity which is understood with intelligence, as Earth strives to ascend to the next level, Air.

Chakra: the third eye. The third eye is used to percieve things and clarity of mind. Virgo is likewise studious.

And thus the first half, the physical half of the zodiac is done. We now (thanks to Air) expand into the second half, the spiritual half of this social intelligence heirarchy.

Libra: Growth gets crazy from here. What is higher up ‘controls’ that which is beneath it. After learning about all the selves Libra can then manipulate the fuck out of them. Libra is a highly manipulative sign, possibly the most manipulative, but we use that manipulation almost always just to charm people (because we’re dopes :roll_eyes: but I’ll get more into that later).

CARDINAL AIR: trying to take a leaf out of Cancer’s book, Air has become cardinal. Libra is also weak in its own way, not so much sensitive, but can be timid and afraid of confrontation. Libra rules logic and fairness and justice (intellectual concepts). The problem is that fixed is strong but slow-moving, and fixed ideas do not reflect the true infinite nature of the universe in the ways that mutable ideas do. So while Libra values fairness that is not always an intelligent way to be, like if you were fighting to win/ascend for example.

Planet: Venus - Libra detests ugliness. It wants to make everything beautiful (a main form of beauty, symmetry is mathematically and thus intellectually calculated). Ironically, Libra frequently lies to maintain beautiful ideas/exchanges/everything (and doesn’t want to call this lying).

If air signs are the atmosphere, Libra is the space with the pretty fluffy water-clouds. Air trying to copy Cancer by becoming cardinal (water clouds), and beauty as reflective of Venus’s ideals (pretty clouds).

Chakra: the crown chakra. Libra is the first of the spiritual signs, you are opening yourself up to the higher spiritual realm and energies.

[P.S. I am a Libra :stuck_out_tongue: I combine intellectual posts with pretty pictures for you. I like to think that I’m charming. Also, I share my realisations despite the fact it may not directly help me in any way (fixed mistake) but I do enjoy helping and showing off so I’m doing it for that reason :joy:]

Scorpio: the deepest sign of the zodiac. Representing the seeking and realisation of the deepest truth, as truth (the reason of life) is a concrete and workable thing. While Libra was too much of a wimp to deal with ugly stuff :neutral_face: In its relentless pursuit of truth Scorpio has embraced darkness because it wants to discover the truth in everything. Scorpio understands there is power in knowing and what you know, and in knowing darkness it knows that trust is an extremely important and dangerous thing. So Scorpio withholds (usually even trivial details), it guards its secrets while very interested to know the secrets of others. Seeing as true knowledge is power. (If you ask me vulnerable Cancer tried to learn to embody power like fire and Aries, so Water went from being the weakest to the scariest of the signs.)

FIXED WATER: The occult, the darkness, the truth, the secrets. While Libra discovered the truths of all things pleasing, Scorpio went after the rest. Now it has a complete understanding of the light and the dark from all the experiential knowledge of before. The problem is that fixed is strong but slow-moving, and fixed ideas do not reflect the true infinite nature of the universe in the ways that mutable ideas do. So while Scorpio values depth and loyalty that is not always an intelligent way to be, like if you were fighting to ascend for example. There is a limit to how deep you can go in the infinite field but no limit to power.

Planet: Mars - we’re back where we started and ready to make headway in the final, free and perfect set. Scorpio has conquered the truth, conquered to ascend to the next level.

If water signs are the ocean, Scorpio is the secret hidden ocean floor under immense pressure and darkness. There is a limit to the ocean floor (truth) but space (expansion) seems to go on forever.

Chakra: there is no chakra! Scorpio represents death! The ultimate expansion. Its tarot card is Death. No more chakras for you! (I highly doubt that stellar gateway chakra stuff is real, sorry to tell you).

The mutable set: so we move onto the final set. Three is power and it expands from the fixed ideas that was done before it. Air gets its freedom thanks to the work done by Earth in stabilizing. Most people don’t realise these spiritual truths until they die (Scorpio) and can see it clearly. The planets of the following signs are all gas giants, in fitting with their glorious expansion and embodying power thanks to going beyond truth. Freedom, power, healing, ascension!

Sagittarius: the following signs are dangerous individuals. Libra would often not use its charm and social intelligence to be selfish because it avoided darkness and because it was limited by fixed ideas. Scorpio is also limited to fixed ideas. Sagittarius has expanded beyond all that, it has taken darkness and assimilated it with everything else. Sagittarius humour can be very funny, charming and dark. They are detached and knowledgeable. Not only does Sagittarius know all of the skills from the signs preceeding it, but it has gained significantly in social knowledge. In other words, these next signs are very cunning because they glide on top of others and life, they are not geared to adhere to fixed ideas. They often automatically use and control others. As scary as it is to say, they can see you, and know how to exercise power and ego in the lives of others and enjoy it.

The head controls the body, and in a sense this set rules over the others. Without the higher social intelligence you can often be completely unaware of being used, usually it is not for nefarious ends (like pure sadism) but it can be, and it can be an awful thing to experience when someone can hide that from you and manipulate you with cunning intelligence, or are able to cause you great pain/destruction with their higher intelligence. Being intelligently evil. Luckily as spiritual beings we can sense things about people, and have powers and perception abilities that most people of these higher star signs are unaware of.

MUTABLE FIRE: Fire expanded beyond fixedness and finally became mutable. Sagittarius is known to be about luck and fortune, it is a fortuitous sign to be. They have fun, they have a reputation for being ‘players’ in the zodiac because they’re not tied down to anything. They use the truth from the hard work of Scorpio and basically they have a blast. Life is an adventure and they travel to experience the newness of things. They are still a fiery fire sign, but now they have intelligence to carry that will around with them intelligently. They know darkness and have expanded beyond it. Stepped out into the infinity.

Planet: Jupiter - the planet of luck and fortune. The biggest planet, representative of Sagittarius’s attained freedom and expansion within the field.

If fire signs are a campfire, Sagittarius is the light and warmth that moves freely outward. That warmth is the friendliness they have a reputation for as they move through life to discover and learn.

Tarot Card: Temperance which is representative of healing. Sagitarrius is known as the healers of the zodiac. After completely intense and dark Scorpio, Sagittarius has the knowledge and optimisim and the freedom beyond fixedness. Healing the darkness by finding a truth beyond it. It is a very healing and fortuitous and expansive energy to embrace. However do not think of them as merely healers, intelligence is power and it can destroy as well as heal, depending on what someone’s will dictates.

Capricorn: but wait? If Sagittarius is about ultimate freedom and healing, why is Capricorn about “work, work, work”? Because there is work to be done within this field. Power and status is attractive to Capricorns, and this is what we will never stop trying to attain more of, even after we shed these mortal bodies and become gods. We will always be forever hungry, because there is always more. There is literally no limit in this infinite field. When you understand that you are power and that there is nothing but power you will only hunger for more and more power.

CARDINAL EARTH: Capricron is that tenacious fish-goat that will stop at nothing to climb forever higher and higher. It takes the practical and reliable way, because in the infinite field the best way is known so that has become practical and reliable. In full clarity we see the best way possible.

Planet: Saturn - work. The “true work” the “neverending work” and true realisation. Capricorn has a reputation for being the coldest and heartless sign of the zodiac, opposite its counterpart Cancer. And we know that the heart chakra is to be limited, almost like they were made for ascension (if they know to seek it). Capricorn can also be very serious and dry, due to the intense nature of Saturn’s stabilizing earth energy, stabilizing you into a pure machine geared toward attaining more and more power. Capricorn is dark like Scorpio but lacks its Water sensitivity.

If earth signs are the landscape, Capricorn is the tall mountains. The highest point above the earth.

Tarot Card: The Devil. Need I say more. Control, power, ambition, determination. The LHP.

This sign does value practicality and dependable values, as an Earth sign, but it has enough Gemini “three” energy to still shamelessly use and exercise its power and will because it can “see” there’s no reason not to. A lot of things are an exercise in power.

Aquarius: As the nature of air is to expand things further, and there is no way further within the infinite field, Aquarius considers the collective of humanity, the universe, the future, the higher picture. Aquarius is actually less fortunate than Sagittarius or Capricorn in my opinion (though it may have a happier default emotional attitude than Capricorn). I’ll explain why I believe this is so…

FIXED AIR: Fixed and solid things are strong but not fast-moving. So even with all of this perception and cunning and social intelligence, at times Aquarians can be slow to process information like Taurus. And so I have seen Aquarians rage. They know exactly what someone has done to them, but they may not be fast enough to cotton on until after the fact. They KNOW cunning and what people of this higher social intelligence can do and are about, but their fixed aspect limits them. My advice is to just gain perceptive abilities and protection with the occult, which we’d all do anyway. And also to not sweat every ‘battle/exchange’. The higher signs (Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius) can be so obsessed with being on top and winning, but you don’t always need to win to enjoy yourself. Some things truly don’t matter and you can have more fun doing you. Focus on what you CAN do.

Planet: Uranus - newness, revolution, the future, progress.

If air signs are the atmosphere, Aquarius is the stratosphere covering the whole world. Thinking from a detached humankind perspective.

Pisces: Despite being at the top of the zodiac Pisces is known for being a submissive instead of dominant sign. They still know the ways of the world, they still know how to use their higher intelligence, but they exalt Venus (romance, love) and would just rather not. If you ask me, seeing as the third element Air is about expansion instead of the final element water, and seeing as there are three sets and modalities but four elements, I would say that ‘the end’ is not quite the best and top state. Capricorn most likely embodies the state of true, limitless, hungry bodies of power. But I do think we have the option of having fun and doing other things too, even if “power is all that is” and attaining it is the “ultimate, never-ending job”.

MUTABLE WATER: everything that exists must be solid and stable, not a concept or a feeling, so it’s no surprise to me that with Capricorn’s state achieved, Pisces as the final and mutable water sign of the zodiac is the perfect ending. Everything fizzles out and ends here cause we got everything now.

Planet: Neptune - the dreamy state of fantasy, creative artistry of emotional water.

If water signs are the ocean, Pisces is the glittering calm ocean out to the horizon.

Perhaps Pisces is submissive because it is the ending. Not Scorpio’s intensity of death, but the true soft death of the zodiac. Quietly, gently and thus romantically fading away. If water was where the perfect/ultimate state is it wouldn’t have gone back into fire.

This was so long… I’ll be amazed if it will even let me upload… but I hope you found my insights informative and impressive :stuck_out_tongue:


Libras are logical and emotional, going by zodiacs Libra tries to balance both. They are pretty sensitive and often stick their neck out for others at the expense of themselves. The ‘negative’ is they can lack a backbone, can shy away from responsibility, often can be political leaders end up quiet and scared to voice their opinion.

(I’m a Libra and use to buy into all the Libra junk when I was a kid. )


I’m also a Libra and while I have a lot of water (Scorpio) in my chart and thus can be sensitive, the sign of Libra itself is Air and not sensitive in an emotional way. They stick their neck out for others cause of fixed ideas (nobility, duty) things that aren’t always intelligent with regards to ascension. They do seem sensitive cause Air signs can be anxious and fearful due to their ability of perception of thinking. Libra is also geared to be non-confrontational, and I’m guessing cause Air/Gemini was trying to adopt the traits of the sign above it (not-powerful-acting Cancer), also maybe cause it’s the other axis of Aries, which is a purely dominating but not perceptive force.

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I would have to disagree on the not emotional on its own air and water share similarities in their free flowing nature. All zodiac source summaries Libra is emotional on its own they’re are simply not extreme in their emotions.


Yeah all humans feel and have emotions due to body chemistry, I’m talking about Libra conceptually.

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So am I, each and every Libra summary is their emotional standpoint on their own. Which is why I disagree as you’re the only one saying they’re not as opposed to many other sources that state otherwise. Then again I don’t really believe in zodiac like that, but all the same Libra standalone is said to be an emotionally balanced sign and negatively they can be numb so unless you’re embodying the “negative” aspects of a Libra then I don’t know what to tell you mate.

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The reason why Air or Libra isn’t conceptually aligned with emotions is cause that is Water territory :stuck_out_tongue: So if we’re saying Libra has emotions and they are just not extreme you could say that for every sign that isn’t Water.

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I’m wondering, if the zodiac is a hierarchy, do we have to advance in it?
Like, every incarnation is just so we advance to the next sign until we “reach the final boss”?


From my perspective we should advance in the lessons behind each zodiac sign. But I reckon the main part of ascension is just attaining power and you will figure this stuff out along the way.

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You act like water and air signs don’t flow into “other territory” lol, this is possibly why not many buy into zodiacs because it makes 0 sense lol.

All zodiacs have some dip into other “territory” coupled with moon sign, time, houses, etc makes it into something else. So while by itself Libra does have emotion to it coupled with moon, rising, etc it makes a bit of a difference in how the Libra acts on it among other things lol.

But yeah I think I’m more on the other sources.

The zodiac advancing thing doesn’t work because the zodiacs don’t exist anywhere else but here yet other beings are born with birthdays and such too.

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Air represents intelligence from what I remember correctly no?


I’m a fire sign , I didn’t pay much attention to zodiac , but every character of every show I used to watch I always got drawn towards the one with fire abilities :joy:


Libra is the sign of balance intelligence, emotions, etc. a handful of people tend to only grasp half assed concepts of the zodiacs but simple research on the emotional state of a healthy Libra from a unhealthy Libra will suffice.


Yeah but if we’re talking about Libra conceptually, just the sign itself, position with regards to other planets, houses, times whatever aren’t relevant in the conceptual sense. I reckon the “bleed through” is just how power is expressed plus the lessons learned along the soul journey.

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I don’t think you’re understanding me, don’t worry about it mate lol. I don’t think repeating my previous post on Libra by itself will make it easier.

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The zodiac is total truth , our personalities have to be derived from something , the formation of the astral body through different planetary placements makes complete sense , which gives birth to our physical personalities


i dont get this part, you meant to take away the u right?

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We’ll just agree a misunderstanding has taken place :joy:

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No healthy and unhealthy Libra.


This chart makes complete sense to me, I’m in between spiritual and mental , I am very introverted spiritual and decent intelligence , never been athletic or extroverted , or very empathetic or intune with others emotions or my own