I just want the person that’s right for me

I came to BALG desperate to try anything to get my ex back. I tried for years. She’s currently married to another man.

So then I tried the dating world to maybe find someone else. If I really liked someone I would try doing spells to see what would happen. Every single one failed. All of them ended up rejecting me, whether I did spells or not.

So then I tried doing spells for one request, bring the person that’s right for me into my life. So far, it hasn’t worked.

I started doing spells to bring the right girl into my life 4 months ago, still no results, I’m doing everything I can to open up avenues in the meantime, going on Tinder, going out on dates, stuff like that.

And it’s not like that’s all I’m doing, I go to the gym, I run my own successful company, like I’m doing things in life that would make me an interesting person.

I am just looking for a partner that is right for me. For a girl to like me the same way I like them. I don’t feel like I’m asking for too much… Why won’t any of my spells work?

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Hey @deathreeper,

All the action in the world can’t substitute a change of thinking.

Could you be more specific with the types of spells you have performed? I ask only because there are some spells that are more suited to one off goals, such as sigils and petitions.

Have you tried working with demons? They are notoriously good at getting what you seek. But again, it works on the proviso that once you have evoked them and given them your command, that you wait with quiet patience.

There is a term used a lot called ‘Lusting for results’. Magick is a very inexact art, so while you may perform a shit ton of spells, you have to have the mindset to accept that it has already happened and that the universe is aligning itself to your desires.

Have you tried some work on yourself? Perhaps create a servitor that can work in the background whilst you go about your day to day activities. You could create a servitor to remove all obstacles to your goal while simultaneously opening your eyes to potential opportunities.

If you type ‘layering spells’ into the search box, you’ll find a wealth of info regarding how to go about setting many layers of magick on one goal.

In the end, it may be that you’re simply not ready mentally, even if you think you are. Only you can say.

Throwing a lot of magick at a problem is not always the solution; patience is sometimes all you need as well as trust and faith in your own abilities to bring about the result.

Good luck!


I’d take all of the advice above plus :

Magik is like a muscle you need to train it
How do you do that ? By having succesfull spells/evokation,…
The more you’ll get little victory the more your believe system will shift on it’s own and the more conviction you’ll be able to put into each different kind of work in magik

And a day in the futur a little sentence will be able to bring you whatever you want.
I’m not at that stage tho but comparing my old self with where I’m standing now I’ve made progress that make me feel like I’ve 1000% improved wich sounds like a lot but at the same time magik accuracy starts really low at least to me it has

So in exemple by training my magik/sense/blahblahblah I could have come to an average of 0,1 % boosted to 10% accuracy as for now
Don’t mark my word and make me accountable for what I said I get those numbers out of nowhere it’s just an exemple :joy:

To resume : start in more easily influencable thing and build from there
A thread of mine that I used just for that purpose is : What about this ? Orrr That? Evokation BOOTCAMP
Keep an eye on it because as time goes on the list will grow and maybe some people will start to include their experience as I do

Edit : I have other little thing/success to add in that thread, I just want to fulfill my offerings for each success first before making it into the thread


The demon Sallos conspires to move all outcomes to bring you the type of person you’re looking for. Evoke Sallos and tell them exactly what you desire in a partner.

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Because it’s not time
Literally you have done everything you can do. You cannot obsess about it further it gets you nowhere but second guessing yourself.
Now you sit back and let it happen.
This could be karmic for you, you want the right partner you said, not the right now partner.
I’d recommend Duchess Gremory of the Goetia. I’d also recommend you have high regard for yourself as a good catch so that your confidence will attract.
I’ve never had a problem getting women in my life but I know it’s a numbers game. Tools like tinder gets you exposure and going to coffee shops with an interesting book. Don’t be afraid to talk to a woman you don’t know. Be yourself, your best self.


Don’t we all :joy:

Yeah I get it, it’s frustrating

And snap!

I’m gonna preach to myself as much as you in this reply…

If you subscribe the concept that we are all one (I personally do) … or the law of attraction…

Everything we desire is already in existence

The work comes in bringing that into this 3D plane we call reality

There’s nothing outside of you - just appears that way here

Start by making room in your life as though you already have the right partner… how does life look then?

You’ve done the magick. Personally I wouldn’t say bother doing more… you can do a thousand rituals if you want but doing more and more really just tells yourself and the universe that you don’t think previous ones worked and magick takes a do it, forget it, it’s done type mindset

How is life if you act as if that partner is already in your life? Feel like they exist… spend time meditating with the goal of truly feeling you already have the perfect partner in that meditation space

The universe annoyingly I’ve found responds to feelings and emotion … feel lack, get lack… need something, need it more… have something, get it

Neville Goddard is worth reading for building your confidence and changing your outlook on it being perfectly easy to manifest your desires but there’s others too! He’s just one I like!

So start with meditating on the feeling of being completely ready, and already having that perfect partner… don’t think what it would be like from a point of not having it, feel from the point you already possess your desire

It’s unrealistic to spend your whole waking day in that zone… but certainly devoting time to the feeling here and there, speeds up manifestation substantially

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