What about this ? Orrr That?

Hello everyone,
I’m opening this thread for everyone to throw their little ideas, the concept is the following :

If you have an idea of something that would be easy to manifest through working with goetic demons but still quite unlikely to happen, then write it here, it’s even better if you already manifested it and it worked !

For an exemple : my best success with a minor request was with Zagan when I asked him to get back my lost parcel and within the following week you guessed it, I received my package.

I’m creating this thread because big request tend to take time to manifest and it’s hard to not lust after it/consistently think about it, therefore if we all get ideas of usefull stuff easier that could be sometimes in some way fragment of something bigger, with time I’m sure we’ll gain into general power of manifestation(from gaining spiritual powers easier or finding a penny or receiving a kiss on the cheek from a never seen again wonderfull stranger,etc whatever)

In a resume this is a training manifestation bootcamp idea :star_struck:
If course with time I’ll also put out here what I got frank sucess with

Also I encourage people to scale the level of the request wich of course is subjective but I think everyone understand that it’s just cool to have a general idea of difficulty the request stand

Level 1 :lemon: : easy like making a lemonade

Level 2 :croissant: : Somewhat harder but quite attainable, some experience is best before doing it’s a bit like making pastry : the level of “croissant”

Level 3 :chopsticks: : Handle with caution it’ll take some time to get there so ask for it if you’re ready to wait, as when you’d be learning to eat with chopstick

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Ho Hi myself !
Here’s what I’ve done

Level estimated: 2 :croissant:
Demon : Zagan
Request : Getting lost parcel
(Result : in a week)* optional as it can vary

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Well Hi me another sucess in the list and not the least !

Level estimated : (3 :chopsticks: seing the complicated situation) BUT he made it so fast I’ll call it a 1 :lemon:
Demon : Orias
Request : Changing the mind and heart of someone without talking to the person (to help someone and no it’s not romantic related)
Result : within 12 hours and still going on