I heard Lilith is dangerous. Is it true?

Recently I have spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into calling Lilith. I came across the link the other day. Many of the answers say that Lilith is not safe. Should I stop trying to summon her?

That place always is claiming anything remotely demonic to be not safe and dangerous. I’ve not had any issues with Lilith, give respect as with any other spirit and there won’t be a problem.



I want me to put it to you very simply, if you are scared of these beings, don’t call them. They will fuck your entire shit up.

If you are approached these beings from a standpoint of fear, they’re going to fuck your shit up.

If you think that you’re going to be able to contact these beings and be terrified of them, they’re going to play on that, and they’re going to show you exactly what it is to know fear.

If you approach them with respect, and acknowledge that they are indeed powerful. Then you’ll be able to work with them. So, just don’t be an asshole, understand that they are powerful, get to know them, and don’t be a fucking moron. If you don’t act scared to death, typically, a wolf or understand that you are either close to their level, or equal.


I am not scared. i feel drawn to these spirits actually. I was doing some research and the people in the comments said that even if you are respectful to her she may give you mental illness. One person said he was a friend of her and she destroyed his chakras.

Dude, we work with demons, we’re going to go crazy at some point. Own that shit and ride on.


You believe a reddit post about Daemons?
I wouldn’t. Just look her up here and do research from people who work with her every day. :wink:


Have no basic idea what’s your magical backgound @political_taco but you could start with lesser spirits or benevolent ones(angels perhaps) and as your cojones get bigger then you start with Lady Lilith …Lucifer is much better,imho.


Ok. I am trying to call her because I need help raising my astral senses. At this point I am not able to hear or see any spirits. So Who do you suggest I try to communicate with.

You must summon the most obscure demon on BALG and it is called MAGNIFYING GLASS or SEARCH option…its sigil is in upper right corner
:mag_right: <—looks like this



Paralda and Mepsitahl are both good with astral senses and generally helping psychic awareness. You could try calling them, it wont happen overnight but if you put in the work they can accelerate it.


thank you

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An author of Magick wrote that she have something to do with suicide (but also with genius) and comes along with her demon “childs”… Another individual, but I believe he’s Christian, said that if one wants to experience the demonic is better to choose Lilith; still, he learned to move away from that path.
However when I finally resolved to contact her, I basically did some channelings and nothing terrible happened.

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:rofl: truth!

What effect you managed to achieve? If it is nothing it is pretty safe for you.
Edit: Keep in mind that only effect proves that the calling is successful.
If you receive effect from the rite/calling why you need to worry if you see
her or not?
Edit2: If there is no effect you have two options. First to understand why calling is not successful.
Second - find another way to achieve the result.

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r/occult is absolute trash. They hate on pretty much anything that isn’t RHP related. I wouldn’t listen to anything posted on there


To be honest, idk if there is a actual deity/Dämon.

Lilith could be:

Lilkalitu, a goddess that reincarnated in her children

Lilit = spirit

Lilit = succubus

The eggregore made up by that middle ages rabbi who CREATED the story of her being the first wife of adam.

+Every halfassed magician and coven have created their own version of an eggregore, fitting the characteristics which they looked up prior.

Personally, i see no reason to go with a armada of entities that could come and mess with your head for the sake of power.

BUT, if you reaaalllly, seriosly wanna go with her, then pick the eggregore that fits your desires best.

well said lol

Hi, I was reading a hardline reply here and that won’t help you to understand them. It will only make fear worse.

I was, maybe still am, for a part a Catholic. I disagree a lot with my former believes but there are good churches where they don’t embrace that fear.
But there is a lot of Dogma, fear mongering out there.
Try to find a non occultism positive article about Lucifer for example, you won’t find it.

That being said I’ve started at an ‘end time’ forum and went then to a Liberal church (with true meaning of Liberal). That helped a lot. Even then I knew a Fallen Angel/Ancient cannot be pure evil. I wanted their story. So with YouTube, articles and this forum I got ready to do my first evocation. Lucifer…

I got the opposite of what people made me believe. Even his darker side I understand now and yes I had fear, maybe still have a bit on certain times, but mostly it’s gone and unnecessary.
Well Lucifer was not my only fear. Lilith was an entity that I feared even worse then Lucifer, but you have to overwin your fears so I Evoked her.

She came as a motherly figur and I got a taste of two different energies from her. And my fear is gone. I don’t advise this, but I’m not banashing after Lilith and Lucifer. They are part of my life workings now.

I work with Angels and Daemons and I must say I deeply care for them without fear.

So remember fear is part of programming. I had a lot of it. And there is a part that’s simply goes with being human. So it’s quite normal.
When you go with respect the fear turns into ‘I did it’ and those beings are wonderful.

Take care and do your thing. View my journal for some tips for the road ahead.