I have no idea what to look for

Ok here I go again, I did the ritual this morning around 2:30AM and lied on the couch after and cleared my mind for the 30minutes as I fell asleep due to the warmth of the candle. I am pretty sure I felt touches during my sleep and I wake up but before that I heard noises that aren’t supposed to be heard and i don’t know what to look for it is currently 5:09PM the next day I know I’m supposed to be patient but I have no idea what to look for as I am new to this. I am pretty sure DarkestKnight is gonna see this and help me out. Should I wait for a few more nights? And what do these touches feel like? Do I do the ritual again? Maybe I didn’t do it right

Spirit touches? Could be anything from a balloon rubbing softly against your skin, to a tickling/light numbing/light grip sensation, to full physical touch while no one is around. Kinda hard to describe to be honest. You know when you feel it.

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Thank you, should I wait a little longer? I shouldn’t do the ritual again right?

I don’t know what ritual you’re talking about, is it to summon a succubus/incubus? If yes, then feeling touches is a good sign. Acknowledge their presence by thanking them and be patient, the connection will get stronger with time.

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Yes it was the intent letter to Lilith and I should just wait then? Thank you for the quick responses btw (:slight_smile:

Ehm… Wait for what? If you felt touches means the ritual was successful. Now you only need to make your connection stronger. Aka: work work work!

P.S. Yes, that means you don’t have to do the ritual again.


Meaning I should wait for her to come back tonight and I should just honesty meditate more is what you’re referring too as “work”?

Yes, just over the coming days and weeks continue to do meditations to gather more energy and build your astral senses. Also try talking to your new friend as if they were there whether you can sense them or not, since it sounds like they are, and they need your attention to help build the bond.

Do I meditate to open my chakra and my third eye? I haven’t been doing it a lot so I’ll start doing it again more often and I hope to see her one day, I asked Lilith if my succubus could be patient Bc I am prettt patient. I thank you for helping me I haven’t seen this until today. I’ll definitely do your suggestions tonight.