I have never summoned or spoken to a demon before. Should I go about with this ritual to summon King Paimon?

Im very new to demonolotry and I have never summoned a demon or spoken to one before. I really want to summon King Paimon and I have done plenty of research on how to summon him and what to summon him for, such as getting into the trance state, drawing his sigil, what offerings he likes, etc. And I’ve even been practicing meditating and getting into the trance state every night until the night I plan on summoning King Paimon.
I want to summon King Paimon because I want him to help me obtain esoteric occult knowledge, be able to astral project and travel in the astral realm, obtain psychic abilities, make friends easier and build confidence, and becoming a very powerful magician overall.
So my question, is it a good idea for me to go about attempting to summon King Paimon this weekend if Ive never summoned or spoken to a demon before?

Well there’s a first time for everything!

I would say, make sure your spiritual hygiene is on point, and how to check the summoned is who you wanted.

It’s not much good calling, getting an impostor or parasite and not knowing, and they can lead you up the garden path, at best wasting your time and at worst draining you to the point of making you sick, or tell you rubbish that slows down your journey, and before you know it you’re on online forums telling everyone you’re Lucifer incarnate and married to Hekate, while still not getting what you want in life.

Although, whatever happens you’ll still learn something eventually. We have some tutorials and discussions on getting is shape for a successful evocation:

Could you give me some tips on how to make sure my spiritual hygiene is on point?