I have my first target. (Need a notch on my belt)

So, I have a neighbor, whom is a good person and father to his son. His ex-wife, however, is a textbook definition of gold digger.

She left this man a year ago, draining out the bank account for everything that he had.

She then proceeds to throw herself to any one willing to lay with her and spends the money off on foolish things.

The father gets a slight respite of justice in the courts for filing a divorce, leaving him with an upper hand on his situation.

She finds another man, whom is ill and has heart problems. She weasels her way into his life and gets married to the ill man.

Story short, she’s collecting life insurance from her latest husband, and is now weaseling her way back to her previous husband.

Undoubtedly, to get the divorce settlement reversed, so she can then leave him again.

The good man, still has feelings for her, but needs to see the truth of what his ex is trying to accomplish.

She on the other hand, needs to be put in a position that will make her reflect on her ways of life. (I.e. sucking donkey dick for food stamps)

Any suggestions on banes? Anyone?

I wish to do this myself, for I am in need of experience and would like to get a familiarity of such workings.

Any advice or rituals that have worked for you that you think would work well in this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to not disclose such things openly on the forum, please pm me with such information instead.

Thank you

Dark blessings unto you all.


Hmm I love this sense of having a mission… The 72 of the Goetia have so many powers that can aid here… I recommend getting The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer, it has a simple but very effective ritual, it combines the Demonic powers with the guidance of Angels, giving the magick more power and allowing you to crush her deepest desires and long plans for life… I know you are experienced and know how to work with spirits, but I still highly recommend trying that book, ritual structure does matter and that one is extremely effective.

Aratron, the Olympic Spirit of Saturn can also help here to slow her down a lot, and prevent her from harming him. Perhaps Och, the Olympic Spirit of the Sun, can help him to see what she is really trying to do here, and let him go free to act out his true will with someone more suited to him. Hagith, the Olympic Spirit of Venus, can also help here to make him find someone better, and find people who can help in this situation.


Maybe nudge her to a meth addiction…nothing better for the complexion than a little meth. She wouldnt be so easily able to sway a man if she looked like the living dead. Hit her in her vanity. I’m not sure who for that. Maybe lilith? Or hathor?

I get so second hand mad hearing about women or men like her. I just want to throttle them and falcon punch them in their punannies!


She already looks like her face was caught on fire and put out with a garden rake.

The good man has low expectations, unfortunately.

I just saw her leave his house this morning doing the walk of shame and leaving in her car, so time is of the essence.


Damn, that’s a good one… might be a bit difficult if she’s not already a drug user but definitely worth a try.
Maybe Sallos can make her fall in love with a junkie-like figure?

By the way, Hagith can also tear up her current relationship, that might make it easier for her to seek someone a bit more… dangerous.
Aratron can also freeze her financial situation.

If you do choose to work with the Olympic Spirits, I would recommend doing the ritual for days in a row, this will increase the power and soften reality a bit. The ritual from Masterworks of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne is very good (simple, and powerful) for working with them and the book gives a list of their powers and such.
Remember to do a lot of magick on this, the more you do the more you soften your reality, allowing changes to occur more easily.


Hmmmmmm damn there goes that idea :thinking: maybe give a bad case of halitosis and body odour make her a troll to society. Essentially make her look and smell like her soul. Yes I’m aware I’m being petty with that. But a lot of times a gold digger uses her best ploys…:rofl: I got it…make her only tool of seduction become a festering toxic swamp land that even swamp man wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole.

And the little white witch in me wants to add that this curse should only be done till she makes amends for her wrongs and corrects her life And leaves others alone…i also told her to stfu but she had to put her two cents in cause I’m not a very baneful type.


There is no such thing as petty when dealing with ppl as the such.

And I do not wish death upon her, her existence in life as I’m wanting to set things up would make the void look like Disneyland.


Hmm… you’ll have to use magick to make him lose interest in her. I think Hagith can do that. I’m sure there’s a few Demons in the Goetia that can do that very well too, although I do not remember any names right now. I think Angels or Archangels will be good in raising his expectations and his sense of self-worth.


Also, don’t worry too much about time… things might be rebuilt, but you have the power to destroy them again. Things might be destroyed, but you have the power to rebuild them or grant more prosperity than ever before.


Well put in perspective.


I just find it funny that these things are more openly becoming opportunities for me.

I just started training a new guy at work to fill in for me while on FMLA for my 3rd daughter. We’ve both been kicking ass and getting done alot earlier than I would expect.

Giving me plenty of time and opportunity to do such things as what has been presented to me.


These people always destroy themselves.
Let her follow this path, she’ll be used up, probably drug addicted and diseased.
In the end no one will want her and it will be her own doing.
When this happens and the realization that it’s her own fault hits…that’s better than anything you could do.


Dantalion and belial and asmodeus all workin the relationship department. FUCK. why didnt I think of asmodeus first. He is the daemon of lust and war and will fuck peoples relationships up. Also Andras is a good one.

I gotta share this cause the universe has a hilarious sense of humor…i was just thinking about a good daemon for this then went to a goetia spirit app i have that has a feeling lucky function and I hit that just to see and look who came up.


Then a fast forward of her path would also be something I will consider.

Hey, I got that app too. Lmao

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That’s different and more acceptable for my own admittedly weird moral compass.
Check into chronomancy.
I don’t mess with it because hilariously enough (based on the subject of time) I’m far too impatient.

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Best app ever lmao :rofl:

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Oh yeah… Sabnock can be a mighty healer, but he can give her such mental torment like you wouldn’t believe… and it seems for this, it is indeed a worthy cause. Be careful with that one though, but I don’t think it will be permanent or drive her to suicide. Maybe you should give her irrational fear of dying as well.

Sadly a lot of times this does not happen though… people like these always have a backup to turn to, and somehow always slip their way out of anything… they know how to deal with people, they know all the tricks. If she is to hit a brick wall, it will be by the hands of @Thewandering1… better to end this thing sooner than later, and build up everyone’s life to prosperity in the mean time.


Its because she is a full blown narcissist. She doesn’t give a damn about others. Takes no responsibility. Uses abuses and loses them. She thinks she is gods gift to men and due to her mental self image slips past most natural karma…indeed she will need a helping hand.


Well since this has to do with, in a sense, “leaving her to her destiny” or “letting nature take it’s course”… I’ve found through my experience in divination that magick also falls into the path of destiny/fate/“the natural course of things”, and seeing how naturally set @Thewandering1 is on this, I’d argue that if she is “supposed” to meet an end (assuming destiny and time is solid, or the universe even has any meaning at all) then this is how she is supposed to meet it.