I have a theory as to why candles boost spirit evocation rituals when done a certain way in correspondence to the spirit being evoked

So I have a very credible theory as to why using candles in a certain way in correspondence to a spirit actually can boost the spirit evocations power. but to properly explain this theory I first to dive into the elemental correspondence of the different phases of a candle.

in traditional hoodoo candle magick the solid candle represents earth, the melting wax represents water, the flame represents fire, the fumes from the candle flame represent air, and the intention of the practiciner represents spirit.

and when your evoking a spirit using candles It’s the same thing except now the spirit represents the element of spirit and is associated with another secondary element within the 4 material elements. but then you can stack power on top of that by using the color associated with the planet that the spirit is associated with. So for example the Goetia Dukes are associated with Venus and Venus Is associated with the color Green. But then you can take it a step further and incorporate the 4 directions by placing one candle in the north, a second candle in the south, a third candle in the east, and a fourth candle in the west. But then you can take it even further and do the ritual on the planetary day of the planet associated with the spirit. But then add a kaballistic correspondence to it by doing the ritual on the hour of the planet associated with the sephirot that is associated with the spirit. and if your really dedicated you can add zodiac correspondences to the ritual by waiting until the planets are in the house associated with the planet that’s associated with that spirit.

I just wanted to share this because I felt this information would be of use to some people.


I give offerings to Lucifer every friday and no matter what candle I use there is always a big clump of wax left in the end , I use the same candle for other things and they burn without any left over wax , would you know why this happens? I try to read the shape of the wax but can’t see anything.

It means he Is trying to tell you something, there is a form of divination called Carromancy which exclusively uses the shapes of melted and dried left over candle wax for divination purposes

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usually with this type of divination spirits will shape the wax in symbolism that is very specific to the individual that the spirit is talking to so my best advice is to examine the wax and do introspective meditation to figure out what he is trying to tell you.