I have a ridiculous amount of bad luck. Literally everything. Like reverse Midas. People ask if I'm cursed PLEASE HELP!

Wow. Ok thank you. Im on it!


Thanks i try. Keeps me going. You know… laugh or cry.


Nooo. What is that?

i know this is not the answer you seek,
but it’s a signpost towards it.

Azazel says you’re not ready for the change yet.

He tells me you’re starting to transition,
but you’re clinguing onto the old mindset currently.

If you want a recomendation:

Devote yourself away from Jesus.
What that “Savior” has given to you,
speaks for itself.

It’s time for you to come home.

Go with those Entities that natrually gravitate towards you.

The leading and callings are already in place for you,
but it’s up to you, to embrace it and walk the path.

  • Besides Azazels clear insight,
    i want to emphezice a specific point to you personally.

You need to forgett, more then you need to learn.
Most of your current life circumstance,
can only be overcome,
by changing your inner view of the world around you.

Seek tools for that.
Cleanse your mind and emotions.

Those steps will bring you the biggest leap of change,




Omg that idea never crossed my mind. Thank you for that. Wow. I have no idea how to do that! I… wow.


In terms of your “bad luck” - curses upon you…

There is actually some in place,
just looking at that family situation.

However, those hold only power over you,
as much as you allow that.

Your Kids father wount become reliable anymore.
Scratch that off your list.

use the time seperated from them,
to build stability for yourself.

Deny further attacks from his side.

Use demonic help to get the law back into your favor.
Use it also, to start structuring your children’s lifes,
so they don’t come here in 15-20 years asking us for help like you just did.

And, for the moment, avoid unneccessary religious bullshit coming your way in daily life.

Even tho the Religious believers call it “blessing”,
those prayors can actually harm our magickal powers sometimes.

Not every prayor coming your way is an issue.
But you’ve clearly been overfilled with those already.




To everyone… thank you for your time and answers. A lot of things for me to do and try. Which i think is good- as long as you can DO you feel better. So thank you. I do feel better. I have hope. :heart:


I feel like every time i try to summon i hit a wall. Like some part of my brain that leta you do this is “off” lol


you’re right, i’ve seen walls within your psyche the moment i started reading.

However, the advice i gave you is tailored to adress these issues,
and will get you out of your false comfort zone.

It’ll be harsh, don’t get me wrong.
You’ll suffer while stepping out of that religious paradigm background.

But you’ll come out knowing your own power,
and realizing how much MORE you can do about issues,
instead of just taking them in, and swallowing those bitter pills as if it’s cola.

You mentioned 2 job degrees.
May i ask which jobs those are?
Maybe we can help you with setting up an opportunity.




Lol education and history. Nice hu? I couldn’t have picked better degrees to not get a job with!
How do i break the walls down??

It sounds like you got a Nedolya. In Slavic Paganism, the Bogini Rodjenici, brides of Bog Rod, determine your fate shortly after your born. And a Dolya or her twin, Nedolya, are the manifestations of the fate decreed at your birth. Everyone gets one, the Dolya fills your life with good luck and a Nedolya fills your life with bad luck, and it’s impossible to get rid of them. But the Slavs were not fatalistic by any means, and they would always beseech the Bogi (gods) for help, and they would usually attain it. Because the Bogi can alter fate itself.

My recommendation, is to do some research about your ancestors, let your intuition guide you, if you feel you should go through your father’s ancestral deities or your mother’s ancestral deities. My dad’s side of the Family is from Russia, which is a Slavic country. So, I practice Slavic Paganism and worship its Bogi.

The first time I evoked Azazel, I had a unique experience, he told me that the blood of my Slavic ancestors were crying out, and to “Leave us Jewish myths to the Jews”. Indicating a racial purity way of looking at religions. I later learned that in Slavic Paganism, a wife enters her husband’s family, and having a firstborn son was a sign of acceptance from the husband’s ancestors (and I am a firstborn son, so that was nice of my ancestors to let my mom in the family). So, I don’t count my mother’s ancestral deities.

And then, when you find the pre-Christian pagan religion of your ancestors find a patron, or let them find you. Bog Veles made contact with me the first night I started to learn about Slavic Paganism and he has turned out to be a wonderful patron. He heals my illnesses at most in less than half an hour. He has done truly impossible things whenever I ask of him. Because we have a relationship based on offering. I give to him so that he will give to me.

So, my recommendation is to discover who you patron deity in your ancestral pagan religion and give them daily offerings of foodstuff. You’ll notice a lot of things turning out different.


Yeah… um lol i was adopted and both my birth parents were also adopted. I’ve tried finding…us but no one knows. Everything is sealed. No one knows anything. So I’ve often wondered about things like that. My DNA says Native American and British. Ironic lol
Interesting idea. Im going to look into that. Thank you.

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Then I would try both of those out, there are many different tribes of Native Americans, but thankfully, they have continued their traditions into the modern era.

The British are the Celtics of course.

You could just simply ask yourself, “which tradition appeals to me more?” There aren’t any wrong answers when you’re discovering your past.

Fun fact: Did you know that Druid meant “someone who found the Oak tree.”?


https://youtu.be/Bw9zSMsKcwk watch this film: Samadhi. It is a wonderful film. I would also suggest watching part two if you have the time.


You can/will overcome this Rainey. I have faith in you persevering and conquering this battle, whatever it may be. Positive energy is being sent your direction <3

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No way. Cool lol

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Thank you so much. I needed that.

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I know exactly how you feel R_R.
Only this morning I thought the very same thing, that I’ve been cursed!!! because no matter what I’ve tried I just cannot break away from it.

I too have endured all sorts of bad luck and just cannot rise above it. I’ve watched family and friends doing great in life but I’m just stuck. It’s like I’m on a little roundabout watching everyone off it doing great but I just keep going round & round & round since childhood, unable to step off.

I certainly hope things improve for you - I really do! and, with the help of this community you can break the curse or whatever is holding you down.
Keep us updated.

Wishing all the very best


OP, if your problem is indeed because of planet Saturn and you are a biological male then you can start worshiping or working with Lord Hanuman. Don’t work with Lord Hanuman if you’re not a biological male.
You can worship or work with Lord Shiv and Goddess MahaGauri regardless of your gender in that situation and your situation will improve.

I would highly advise you to strictly stop consuming alcohol during day-time and don’t keep iron stuff on your home’s roof (especially broken iron stuff) because it will make Saturn related problems much worse. You can also donate medicines to people in need if you can, it will help a lot too.


Im am a girl. In… all ways lol. And i dont drink. Never have. Dad did. You know how that goes. Things have gotten a little better. Honestly if not for this group i don’t know how I’d have done. Cohzier has helped quiet a bit. And i think the other things have worked together. Sigils have become a sort of security blanket I think now ha. Starting to wonder if “god” is out to get me… lol