I have a ridiculous amount of bad luck. Literally everything. Like reverse Midas. People ask if I'm cursed PLEASE HELP!

You are right. I believe he is. :slight_smile:

I suggest you read Psalm 23 daily - doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not.
Read it anytime, anywhere, whenever you can. Make it a hobby. Enjoy it, sing it !

Most important say it with passion, pretend that you believe it.

Try that for a while. Good luck


Lol i will try…
The nausea may be hard to get through but im tougher than that! :nauseated_face::crossed_fingers::joy:


Lucifer & God are both testing you. Don’t stray from The Light Bearer. “He” has many great things yet to unfold for you. These are all lessons to become more than this. Goodluck with what you are trying to achieve and have a wonderful day.


Sounds to me like your ex has a link to you and cursed you which is very common in court cases, planetary magic is exceptionally powerful for breaking such works but you have to know what you’re doing.


Mmmm sounds suspicious. It maybe a mojo or a doll or the likes. Sounds like Hoodoo to me.
A - Where do you live ?
B - Check your house for ‘things’ - under your bed - back of drawers everywhere you can think of.
Think back - has your ex been in the house SINCE you split at any time - to collect his stuff or the likes ? What nationality is his new partner ? She might be doing it without his knowledge, may have buried something or powered your pathway or such. Clean your floors with florida water let dry, salt the corners of each room then sweep out exiting the room - do all rooms whilst saying the St Michael prayer - until out the front door Sage your house again say the Michael prayer. Usual cleansing stuff. Check for the planted mojo or effigy doll or the likes.
Its designed to make your life a living hell - negative negative negative. I know the feeling.
A simple egg cleansing may work (search there are loads of references) - (this wont work for long if you have a hex bag doll or the likes in your house - it will come back. - you need to find that bag.) Think about when you split up - the curse could have been BEFORE you split up in order to make you split up (perhaps something your ex brought home with him one time which you still have.) Salt your bath water - bathe before bed.

Again I say if its a doll or hex bag or the likes (anything that was even gifted your ex and/or something that he brought into the house when you weren’t there, and is still there) you have to find it and get rid of it. It might also be in your car. Meditate on this and ask for spiritual guidance maybe your ancestor spirits, you will find it, it will just come to you as to what it may be.



I didnt think of that. Good call. He used to love to break into my house. Talking a good 7 year habit. And when he would get the kids come and push his way in, walk around and all. No matter how i tried to keep him out. Recently i did a blessing and asked that no one who wanted to cause me harm enter. He suddenly became unable to enter my home. :joy::joy: Best. Day. Ever. So yeah. I’m going to do that tomorrow morning. Every room. Than you.
Idk anything about his new wife. 15 years younger. Whiney. Young enough to still call her parents mommy and daddy… lol its gross. His oldest son is 5 years younger than she is. But thats all i know. So yeah thats totally possible. I didn’t even think about it and the way it all went down… they had help.
Like the social workers saying because he beat my children with a smile on his face they cant prove malicious intentions so no charges can be filed. 3 times. Even though he did it with a “spear” as if swinging a bat. Proven by a doctor. Judge says if you dont want to pay support its cool. Both kids are autistic. And are in therapy now so you know. Im sorry. I didn’t mean to rant. But see what i mean? I wish i was strong enough to curse him for what he did to those kids. But im not. Though he has to live with the fact his oldest will never speak to him again. Ass.
I feel better lol but again i apologize for the rant. You guys are awesome :hugs::black_heart:

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Hey! Also recomend you to watch the documentary The Secret its talks about the law of attraction, basicly what you think and feel its makes your reality, of you think that you are cursed you will attract that tipe of energy. Just change your thoughts for a moment and start things thats you are free from any bad energy, barrier, bad luck instead if think that you are curse. Many time we sabootage our self thinking that nothing is posible when the only person is you who make your own reality, your world, you feel fear/curse/badluck, thats you’re attracting to you, give thanks to life give thanks for breathing give thanks for your health give thanks for every single positive thing in your life from all your heart and the energy will change, most time some time bads things happen to us something That worlds does with us thats not fear and make our energy and situation to become us victims, but its only dependes on us when the life give you lemons make lemonied.

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I will watch that thank you. I’ve wondered about that. I’ve tried it, never been able to do it. My birth mother who i have recently found out is a witch of sorts can do it spectacularly. I’ve tried to understand it but idk i seem to have some kind of block? Idk. Even in my meditation and things like that i feel like there is a sort of switch that should be “on” but is “off” instead. Idk thank you for your suggestion and I will absolutely watch it. ⚘

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You might just be going through a learning period where everything needs to fall apart first.

Don’t be too quick to look for an escape, trying to avoid those lessons. People might even try to pressure you with awesome advice too, but don’t let that discourage you. They don’t know shit.

Be encouraged.


Theres that tooive been kind of taking this time to learn from this amazing group as well. From this thread I’ve learned a ton of things to protect myself and family, things about magic just everything. And met so many amazing people. I’ve found a community. And that something I’ve never had- growing up in Jesus camp lol. I was an outsider, a ln outcast. A freak.
This thread alone had blown my previous ideas wide open. As i try to break the programming, and relearn and rebuild this information is so valuable to me and I’m so grateful to everyone. Maybe your right. Maybe the napalm of my life is necessary to rebuild it. Its possible. Thats something i never considered until i began talking to here. And that is somehow… comforting.


try lesser banishing ritual of pentagram

Please buy the Gallery of Magicks book on protection Magick you will find it to be a life saver! I’m not positive which one in the group wrote it off the top of my head but think it was Damon Brand. Wonderful book that will help you so much.

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