I have a problem

Since I was young I’ve had schizophrenia and I’ve fought it since 12 years old. Lately tho I’ve been using weed and alcohol to cope with it cause I cant fight it anymore.

I cant stand being sober I smoke so much weed in a few minutes i stay high for days. I drink so much I cant even stand up. By the end of each day I’m so crossed I cant think straight.

I need help I’ve hurt my friends and family emotionally with my constant drinking and smoking. Everytime I drink and smoke at the same time I do stupid bullshit.

I dont have a problem was ih th weed or alchohol but I do have a problem with using both at the same time. I need help or suggestions on how to get better. I’ve started talking to my therapist about it but I need more than therapy.

Please give any advice you can.


Take a deep breath of denial for starters. If you truly didn’t have a problem unless you use both at once… quite simply you’d quit one or the other. Perhaps you’d decide to be high on the weekdays and drunk on the weekends. Maybe you’d pick one each day then do both on weekends to reward yourself. Either way… it wouldn’t be a problem unless you truly have a Problem with at least of the two substance.

Now then as far as helping yourself… see your therapist. Look into support groups. I believe Opfaal is know to help with addictions of all sorts, but thst won’t be an easy road either. Good luck mate.


thank you


But YOU have to maintain it. He will help you break it, but YOU have to not pick it back up again.

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You should go into detox if you feel you might have withdrawal symptoms to the alcohol. Then you should consider residential or outpatient services for your substance use. You are self-medicating to deal with your mental health challenges. You need to also make an appointment with your psychiatrist and get back on meds. Staying consistent on your medication and psychiatric appointments is important. You would benefit from therapy services if you are having challenges coping.

I would recommend stabilizing. Magik is not going to be beneficial for you at this time.


Well since you’re getting professional help continue to do as they tell you and I know they are not telling you to continue to drink and smoke. You may want to think about going to an AA meeting or two. Even if you don’t have a problem Alcoholics Anonymous is based in alchemichal principals of transformation believe it or not. As you get into the history of the group and the journey of Bill Williams and Dr. Bob you will notice that they consulted spiritual experts and the symbol for AA is the symbol of alchemichal transformation.


I have a tricky one… Call on lucifer I swear… He’ll find a way to help you… Or get into a pact with a demon and as an offering give away your addictive habits… Or ask a demon to put a spell on you… That when you abuse any substance mor than thrice they automatically kill you… That’d work maybe

It’s probably a vampiric entity Latching on your spirit and using your addiction as anchors

Eat healthy and work out man… Alkalize your body… Do socially constructive things like helping the needy… Substitute your awful behaviors with other positive behaviors don’t take it hard on yourself… A step at a time… Till you completely change your personality… If you make improvements treat yourself etc etc

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I could be wrong but I believe schizophrenia is caused by a lack of a certain neurotransmitter , I believe dopamine or seretonin , maybe try finding ways to increase either? Could be wrong but they are tons of supplements, foods and things you can do to increase those two in your brain

Tho, far as I am aware marijuana can amplify the effects of schizophrenia. This is very counter productive.

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Your mind is an open gateway for entities. You need to shut that shit down. This thread is a good place start to learning about it.

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I don’t think it’s smart to keep trying to shove schizophrenia into a occult category. It’s a legit mental health issue not a psychic issue.


…How? Marijuana isn’t a hallucinogenic.

Maybe go to a doctor and tell him/her that (probably you did that) and take your medication? About cannabis I know for sure that it makes it worse, about alcohol I’m not sure, but I still won’t reccomend you, especially if you have someone in your family which had/has problems with alcohol.

It blocks a pheromone in that can trigger a schizophrenic reaction. While not at once, the pheromone builds up.


In some cases even triggering the initial schizophrenia symptoms.


It can be, and marijuana has been linked to increased risk of psychosis in multiple studies. This is not to say that the occasional joint or two will make you go schizo, but it can definitely exacerbate underlying latent mental disorders.


Sorry my answer was too short, I dated a girl once that was schizoaffective. Picked up a few things.

I’ve used weed for 4 years and its helped me cope with my schitzophrenia. Fhe problem I had was drinking alcohol with weed, when I drink I become a bad person so I meditated on what I needed to do and the answer was simple I needed to stop drinking.

So I stopped drinking and the problem got resolved. Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it!