I have a problem with my energy force/ish?

I have this tiny problem with my energy. It sounds kinda weird but hold your horses-
When I play games, video games that can be a little spooky something weird keeps happening.

The problem is that when there is nothing going on, the controler just does its thing and works perfectly fine.
But when I get stressed and feel very tingly my controler starts to freak out!
like, I’m not even pushing any buttons and it is so frustrating because it takes a while for the controler to stop losing its shit.
I even tested it, when I got really spooked once I let go of all the buttons but it still started freaking out.
But when something spooky happens when other people hold the same controler I used nothing happens???
Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? :"D

Sounds like playing computer games isn’t that great for your energy. Maybe, don’t play the spooky games? Just a thought.

This reminds me of the dude that gets heartburn when he eats pizza, but instead of stopping eating pizza drinks pepto bismol and carries on making himself sick.