I have a picture of King Baal


Here is the context : I evoked Baal, and sent a picture of my “set up” to my brother (He’s a practitioner). He made me notice the shadow in the reflection of the windows

The form of the shadow reminds me of something like this, like a dementor in Harry Potter. It looks like it was coming in my direction based on the angle of the picture

Note, there were no shadows near me that i could see. What you see in the reflection could not be seen in the “real world”

What do you think ?


I mean, do you want to post a picture of what was being reflected from that angle? If you want to be technical these things can usually be naysayed and labeled paradolia.

My feeling is, don’t ask others for validation.
Trust yourself, trust what you felt at the time and the messages you were receiving. They may or may not be from the entity you intended, that’s a whole other kettle of fish, but it’s not that useful to go looking for physical world verification of internal and spiritual events. The physical world is designed to be veiled, looking beyond the veil means looking beyond the physical.


King Baal appeared to me also one time when I took a picture of large moth outside my window I think it was a sign from him he it’s 1,98 tall and have very dark brown eyes and brown hair.