I have a disease and I need some advice

@sanaRo thanks again for posting and @Alinal I agree with you did the pathworking and had and have a good feeling :slight_smile:

What’s going on out there is no joke, now is the time to be fully covered and protected against all the madness.


I can’t speak for what is right for you. However, in my experience, when family members tell you that they know what God is thinking, usually they are just trying to get you to do what they want.

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ty every1 for replies. looks like I have an aneurysm + multiple sclerosis.
i started treatment today. interesting coincidence: im at a hospital for kids and above my bed is this sticker, randomly.


the probability of that being here is really really low.
ill change my routine, food and completely heal. Saints are helping me, symptoms are getting better.

i also found this crystal to help with ms

the problem that worries me is the next covid wave. I hope I will not be vulnerable


I hope things get better for you now that you are getting some treatment.

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So, I confessed my sins, I visited some churches, kissed relics, prayed daily (almost) and I changed my diet to a gluten free and sugar free one.

A miracle happened. Recently, I did an brain angiography (medical imaging technique used to visualize the inside, or lumen, of blood vessels and organs of the body) and the aneurysm magically dissappeared. The doctors are kinda confused because the MRI showed something else before… The only thing they saw was just some skull erosion where the aneurysm was located.

Also, the brain demyelination from the multiple sclerosis disease slowly dissapears. The brain starts to look normal and I didn’t even start the treatment. We think this disease it’s because of a virus but nobody can really tell where is it from. I hope I will completely get rid of MS


  • I realized that I did the medical tests on the date of the Feast of Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans (we prayed to her for healing)
  • My family unexpectedly received some medical tests results on another holy date related to Saint Paraskeva of the Balkan.
  • I also realized that I went to the city where the hospital is located exactly on the date of the Feast of Saint Nectarios of Aegina (I prayed to him a lot of times)
  • 3 normal pigeons (probably the Saints?) and a White Pigeon (the Divine) appeared at my window 10 minutes before the medical investigation took place (it’s kinda crazy, they looked at me until the investigation was over)
  • At school, at the religion education class, I was texting someone on the phone about the fact that I had been praying to Saint Ephraim the martyr and the teacher unexpectedly started talking about the Saint Ephraim the martyr. What are the chances of that!? That was a really good opportunity for me to publicly tell the teacher and whole class about the help I got from the Saint and that’s exactly what I did

It’s an interesting experience. I’m really thankful.


i dont know these saints, but if they helped, im glad

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