I got cancelled

Hello BALG, I hope you are all doing well.

I am a hairdresser by trade and quite a famous one at that. I recently got canceled because I was looking to hire a model and I was specific that the model should be a dress size 6. In my opinion, a dress size 6 is appropriate for a model as a size 6 is not too skinny and it is not an unrealistic beauty standard. Up until recently the standard for a model was sizes 00-4, so I thought a size 6 would be the best bet to promote healthy beauty standards in Canada.

What spirit or spell can I do to get my career back? When you get canceled, it’s like an avalanche of shit coming at you from all sides. It’s extremely liberal people (and I’m quite Liberal anyway) coming at you because you offended them. I didn’t realize a size 6 was offensive, and it very well may be offensive to someone to is bigger but in the industry, I am usually applauded for my models and my looks. I was canceled by pedestrians and local hairdressers alike BUT not by other big city award-winning hairdressers such as myself.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I do not know how to get my name out of the mud in the local area, but in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal I am fine. I am just in the local area because my grandmother is dying and I am here to take care of her. It would be nice to work as a hairdresser while I am here.


I’d say go with the career building with an emphasis on clientele who value health and merit, who are less interested in using you to virtue signal their personal agendas and appreciate actual skill and creativity regardless of ideology.

If you live in a woke city this may be difficult and you would have to factor in a move to where the kinds of people exist that take no notice of the concept of cancelling others for having opinions they don’t like. You can’t be cancelled if you don’t try to sell to people that do the cancelling. Their loss.

Bune is popular, but have a browse through these business success ideas:


Thank you so much!