I got branded

So I had a devil’s mark also known as a witchs mark from a Freemason I was in a relationship with from tantric sex we had, he also became my mentor whom I later found our knew my son father at the time I didn’t know anything about this stuff I was so naive ugh I know so moving a long s did a few incantations and now I have a wart and as I was taking a shower and I started feeling extreme pain on my wrist next thing you know I have these marks and a wart on the same side as my devil’s mark aka witch’s mark I am official official now and I owe it all to you guys thank you now I’m not sure what to do
Do I show it off proudly or walk with it hidden in a walk of shame. I am a gemini so i do have this idc what ppl say or think of me attitude but what do you guys suggest hide it or show it proudly because I am not ashame of it at all


I don’t claim to be an expert in such subjects, but I don’t think getting a wart makes you “official”. Dedicating yourself to magick is what makes you official. To my knowledge, the “devil’s mark” was something made up by those who were paranoid of the supernatural.

Can someone confirm or deny?


The guy that put it on me myself and my sister
It’s been here for 5years now it’s made to look like a devil’s face in my veins like you know the veins that passes blood through your body
I took a picture of it once in posted it on Facebook back when I had facebook and it was difficult because it’s on my back
And it’s always acting up Everytime something is about to happen between someone else like alerting me and I never know when it happens it always giving me warnings tho sometimes two days before an incident 3days sometimes a week it’ll throb and hurt real bad

If it hurts that bad, I would go consult a doctor.

Afaik the witches mark was a Christian invention of the witch hunters, who really just searched people for any random mark at all that would do as an excuse to justify killing someone. It’s not a thing that comes from any entity.

I think you should get them checked out by a Doctor, and after that, it’s good you’re not ashamed, so you can wear whatever you want. No one should be weird about it anyway and if they are, ignore them.


The witch mark is no invention. It is a real thing.


No, it’s not. It’s superstition made up by Christians. No entity brands you when you decide to work with magick.

I disagree, you can’t say that no spirit does that. I haven’t experienced it myself, but it surely is possible.


If you dont have any witch marc than you are lucky in that aspect

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Branding is relatively common in certain practices but like tattoos it should be taken care of. You can get nerve damage if done improperly.

That said, a mark alone means diddly squat but to move or motivate the juices of your mind. Is there something more to this you’re not revealing?


You rarely see physical marks caused by spirits, marks on the astral body are far more common…though it isn’t terribly uncommon in the modern age to copy those onto the physical body via tattooing. Certain covens and magical orders also mark their members either with a tattoo or ritual scarification.

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It’s not a “brand”, but Robert Bruce talks about the phenomena of marks, blemishes, or growths appearing at specific bodily locations where a negative entity has attached itself, and disappearing once the attachment has been broken.


Marks are real. Usually manifestations of past life experience. Pacts may manifest as marks from life to life. How it manifests depends on the entity, their office, and their nature.

The roman catholics were correct there are witches marks, they just killed everyone with a mole “just to be safe”


Yes, spirits can mark you, but not when you first decide to dive into the occult. Even if you do receive a mark, that doesn’t mean it came from a spirit.

Often times, a blemish is just a blemish. It’s not an official badge. If that were true, there would be wayyy more people dabbling in magick.

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Some of LHP witches have the witch mark. Magic is magic :sun_with_face: