I Give This Ritual To You My Brothers And Sisters

This ritual is to call the aspects of self and unite them, to form the ultimate self, then to reunite that new improved aspect of self within you.

Create a inverted pentagram on the ground it must be the size of a magick circle then make a circle around it. ( I’d suggest doing this in either Flour, Salt or Cornmeal ).

Now at each point of the inverted pentagram place black, red and white candles any one of these candles, also offer your blood on the wick of the candle.

Now get a pan place inside of the pan these ingredients

  • Semen

  • Your Blood

  • Moss or Sand

  • Salt

  • Red wine

  • Crushed incense - Dragons Blood / Copal

  • Sandalwood oil or Orange oil or Pine oil

Now Place your right hand over the pan and breathe and push the power of your Zeal chakra into the liquid. Boil the mixture on a flame inside a pan, do this until the liquid becomes extremely hot releasing a huge amount of steam.

Then take the pan by its handle walking clockwise around the circle, feeling and visualizing the powers and energy in the steam changing, the atmosphere, empowering and energizing everything in the temple.

When the steam has spread everywhere, simply light the candles, close your eyes and extend your arms in a cross fashion focus on the power buzzing in the temple make sure you don’t enter the circle yet.

Now place your hands together in a prayer mudra pointing towards the circle
and say

" May all doors open, may the bridges between this world and the next become one,
May my ancestors come and empower me and this rite, May my guides come and
empower me and this rite, May the infernal rise, May the celestial rise Come and empower
the circle of the sisters and brothers "

Push your energy from your heart chakra down your arms out your hands into the circle.

Now enter the circle face North and say

" I summon and conjure The Dark One ( Your name ) Come before me now
Darkness embodied ( Your name ) Manifest, I call onto my shadow and darkself
Rise, ( Your name ), Rise and come ".

Then face the west and say

" I summon and conjure The Light One ( Your name ) Come before me now
Light embodied ( Your name ) Manifest, I call onto my celestial and Light-self
Rise, ( Your name ), Rise and come ".

Then face the south and say

" I summon and conjure The timeless self ( Your name ) Come before me now
All my past lives in one form, now known as ( Your name ) Manifest, I call onto
All my incarnations Rise and come ".

Then face the east and say

" I summon and conjure My higher self ( Your name ) Come before me now
The Great me, The wise and ascending one ( Your name ) Manifest, i call onto
My higher self come, descend upon me now and come ".

Then face Northeast and say

" I summon and conjure My Atman ( Your name ) Come before me now
The Me, that is beyond time and space, the eternal one, The true me, The inner most self of soul
Rise and come before me now, i call forth my atman, manifest and come ".

Now face Northwest and say

" I summon and conjure ( Your name ) all aspects of me unknown come now
( Your name ), manifest the aspects of me, unknown by even me come to my calling
rise and manifest ".

Now face Southwest and say

" I summon the Godform of ( Your name ) be silent and come, The Godform of
( Your name ), manifest, Rise, descend, appear and come may the godform of
( Your name ) come and manifest ".

Now face Southeast and say

" I summon God ( Your name ) the most perfect, the forever expanding one
( Your name ) the most powerful, the all knowing, all present, all seeing He/she
who is God ( Your name ) come and manifest ".

Now sit and meditate and feel all of the aspects of yourself you called stand around you waiting.
Now perform the mantra " Sat’nam ", while visualizing all the aspects of self become literal power without anthropomorphic form, see the power of true self spin around you as great power spinning clockwise and counterclockwise.

Feel your crown chakra become a consuming vortex, as you inhale, breathe in all that power of total self, feel that power enter all chakras, feel it merging with your subtle bodies, with your mind and heart.

Then push all that power into your solar plexus chakra, this is the hidden core of the sun of every sun, push and condense all power and self into that one chakra.

Then say …

" May the solar chamber of the gods, illuminate and empower this power
within the solar furnace, in the name of Sorath, In the name of Rah, In the name of Lucifer
and in the Name of Ahriman, may my godself rise from the solar plexus in
total transformation may all the weakness be burned within the sun of self "

Then push and will this new self to be pushed from the solar plexus
and out of the self then say

" Appear before me "

Then exhale and push this self out

This being before you, isn’t your solar self, but this self is free of limitation, free of blockages, free of weakness this is all aspects of self in one form, then this form has been in the core of all suns even the black sun to burn off anything which may be stagnant or counter productive.

Then say

" I ( Your name ), Give to you which is I,
A sacrifice of blood, take this offering and absorb its power
A offering worthy for a god, is the blood of a god ".

Then spill your blood even a few drops then simply, allow that power to be absorbed by the spectacular being before you.

Then simply say

" Itz Calzu San’Tansu Bicz Basca Kalmantu "

This is the incantation given to me by Lucifer to call that being before you, into you.

Once you’ve spoken the words simply inhale deeply breathing in all that amazing power, energy and Godly unstoppable force into your subtle bodies, Chakra’s, Energy Currents, Aura, Physical Body, Mind and even your cells.

This power will feel like the flames of omnipotence flowing through your spiritual vitality.

This is the next important process, perform the seven basic asanas to flow through every aspect of your being, start from the root chakra push that power to the crown, this will make that power gain a critical mass then perform the seven asanas in reverse, this is done constantly in Yoga to ground these forces in our physical body.

I would then urge you to just perform a normal meditation after this as this power within your physical and spiritual self, focus on it this will actually transform your normal energy into the same energy as the power you called into your self.

This isn’t for the basic beginner and it does have many many benefits like.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Increases Your Own Source Of Personal Power

  • Heightens Your Energy Massively

  • Clears Blockages In Chakra’s

  • Clears Blockages in The Energy Veins of your
    Energetic Body.

  • Increases Your Vibrations To a Critical Level

  • Energizes Your Subtle Body

  • Cleanses You

  • Increases Your Spiritual Senses

  • Removes Spiritual Aspects Of Self That Block Your Ascent

Mental Benefits

  • Clears Confusion

  • Gives You Better Understanding Of The Next Step

  • You Gain A More Positive Outlook In Your Mundane Life

  • I Notice It Increases The Speed Of Thinking

  • I Notice You Are Able To Problem Solve Greater Than Ever

  • You Start To Gain A Much Better Mental Stability

Emotional Benefits

  • You Start To Have Much More Control On A Emotional Spectrum

  • You Start To Be Able To Understand The Emotional Depth’s Of Self

  • You Start To Be Able To Have More Positive Emotional Stability In Your Life.

Physical Benefits

  • That Actual Power Is Bound To Your Actual Physical Body

  • You Start To Feel More Healthy

  • This Ma Even Heal Some Physical Illness’s And Pains

  • You Gain A lot More Physical Energy

  • Damn I Started Looking Younger

  • I Felt A Lot Stronger

  • Problems With Sleeping Got A Lot Better


This rite for me changed a lot, in my mundane life and in my spiritual/magickal life, It is incredible that by calling and uniting various aspects and versions of self, then by burning of the components which only cause hindrances then merging with that beast and connecting and grounding it in such a way it causes potent alchemical effects which change us for the better in every way possible.

So i give this to those that need it and let me tell you, the amount of benefits this has for the individual you must be crazy not to do it, so this is my gift to you brothers and sisters.


Conner Kendall.


This stirs so much excitement in me!
Thanks @C.Kendall!

Lol i almost called you Atman for some reason
Hmmm interesting


Write a book dude, seriously.


Awesome brother! Only to see it I feel heat in the body!
Just one question, can this ritual be done more than once? :thinking:


Yes this ritual can be done as many times as you want.


So many people have told me that :joy:

Maybe i should

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Thanks brother.

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Yes this amazing.


No problem happy to help

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I think anyone with unique ideas should put them down in history permanently. And Timothy has a thread about this. I plan on eventually submitting my current project to BALG. Hell why not?


I have something planned but it will take a few years …

But damn it will be my contribution to all of humanity as well as
My family here on BALG.


Never heard of this chakra care to give me a brief rundown? :thinking:

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The Zeal Chakra is also known as the mouth of god.

It’s a chakra that is used to push power into structuring bodies of spirits for physical manifestation in the evocation course it also has many many other abilities.

It even feeds the third eye by pushing power into it, the zeal pulls power in and the third eye dispels that power to destroy just like Shiva just check out JD temple he spoke about this chakra on his youtube channel if i’m correct.


Woah Good to know.

I’ve been feeling a pulsating of energy in that region.

Looks i got some work to do.

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If they do another anthology of sorcery I might send in some stuff


Funny you said unification of selves. I was watching this last night. Fast forward to 2:00

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Synchronicity :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing ritual! Thank you for sharing. This actually is an answer to what I have been trying to figure out. I love the synchronicity!

Where am I gonna get that? You gonna send me some? lol Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will any sexual fluid work? :thinking: