I fucked up, but how hard?

So I fucked up. The situation might be set, but I don’t think it is. I seek the experienced magi of this forums opinions on a situation I got us into.

I have a friend struggling with a drug addiction to heroin. I was hooked on opiates long ago, but got clean. His brother died a few months ago, and out of desperation he used a Ouija board. He attracted something, not Pazuzu but under Pazuzu.

My friend had a lot of fuckery occur after that. Poltergeist activity, cold spots, shit turning on and off. He had a fire on his bed, and after that was stamped out, overdosed the next day. He’s still alive though.

So I visit without knowing about the overdose, and made contact with the spirit by smoking a cigarette with it. Nasande, spirit of plague. I asked if there was a way for it to leave peacefully. Offering to Pazuzu.

So I’ve been trying to adjust my views. I could’ve came in chanting guns blazing so to speak, but I honestly thought that would have been overkill. Why be mad at the thing for doing what is in its nature to do? I asked my friend what would be a sacrifice, for peace. His addiction, he replied.

He was resolute on it. We discussed it for a few hours. He wanted to make the offering to Pazuzu, to keep things out. I’m not sure if it was hubris on my end, “super occult dude here to save the day” messiah syndrome or simple fucking naivety, but I offered to middleman the offering/pact. I saw it as a way to outside the box solve the haunting, and my friends addiction. He was so certain he was willing. He even convinced me. Or maybe I just wanted to help in my way.

In return for the sacrifice of man-made recreational chemicals, plagues would be kept at bay and abundance would be near. All parties agreed.

But he didn’t keep to it.

Now, two days ago he literally shot himself in the foot, a day ago had a dream and found he has a new entity, and this one is digging claws into him. It “has a noose for him”.

As things stand now, I will go to his home tonight and do a banishing. Hardest core I can. It’ll work for the moment. But I’m worried that I’ve made the bed for him, and he’ll have to lay in it. If he dies, I’ll be part responsible. A very poignant lesson, the severity of which I definitely feel already. He’s been a close friend for a long time.

I FUCKED UP, AND GOT TOO CONFIDENT. Tried to resolve an issue in a dumb dumb way. So I ask the fellows here… what would your game plan be now?


I’m confused, why are you responsible for him not keeping the pact? I thought just meant it would be cancelled, putting him back to square one, not make worse… or do you think otherwise?

Either way do you know if the new entity has anything to the with the pact or Pazuzu at all? It probably wasn’t the first time he’s used the ouija board and could have been there all along. and the pact wasn’t with it anyway.

I’d be doing the banishing, but since I like to understand things, I’d want to know what happened with the ouija board that got him attacked by two entities? Then you’ll know better about what you’re dealing with and why - and knowing the problem is half the battle. I’d ask them (and him) if he insulted them or what the nature of the contact was. He might just be able to apologise.

Nasande, spirit of plague. I asked if there was a way for it to leave peacefully. Offering to Pazuzu.
… I asked my friend what would be a sacrifice, for peace. His addiction, he replied.

Well, why a sacrifice when all it wanted was an offering? And why to Pazuzu not Nasande? Maybe double check with with Pazuzu what it wants, but being careful I hear it’s a trickster, … what if a glass of wine would have done it, or, burning the ouja board?


I would be adament he still try and hold the pact. Speak to the spirits. Do not banish them yet. Try to salvage this. Ask what they want to fix this.

This isnt your fault.



He got himself into trouble with the board. He got himself addicted. He made a vow/pact. He broke that vow/pact. Why or how are you at all responsible?



It’s not your fault at all, unfortunately the demon attached to ur friend is called Heroin! It’s one of the hardest addictions to beat and while it’s be lovely for a demon or angel or any entity to be able to cure a major addiction the addicted person has to really want to do it. It takes so much courage and hard work and most of all pain, excruciating pain of withdrawal to give up heroin. It’s the worst , in my opinion anyway. You can only do so much but your friend has to do the hard work. I can tell you from experience with opiates ( I was prescribed fentanyl 75 mcg ph which is equiv of 2 or 3 Gram of high grade heroin and when I ran out the withdrawal was horrific. I’ve never experienced anything like it, so your friend needs to get to a rehab centre and get himself on methadone rather than getting help from any spiritual entity. In my limited experience Belial did help me pull myself together and get off cocaine and high dose opiates but along side I had to wean myself down with morphine instead of fentanyl. He just gave me a shove in the right direction, no pact involved. What exactly are the terms of the pact? Was it sealed with blood? Obv others here will be far more knowledgable on pacts and what happens if it’s broken. However in any case it’s not your fault, you are not responsible for your friend not sticking to his side of the bargain


Lucifer is the Angel of Pride.
He’ll help you.
After all, he might be a part of causing what happened.



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Thank all of you for the response @Maulbeere, @KingOfHearts616 @Angel666.

The situation is my fault in part, due to the hand I played in bringing it about. My friend was dumb in not keeping his side, yes, however I still pushed the situation along on this current trajectory. I’ve realized in retrospect that what was an offering, turned into a pact, and if I was half as wise and sagely as I thought i was, id have realized a pact was unnecessary, and my friend wouldn’t keep to it.

So it’s not 100% my fault, but about 40% my fault seeing as I was middleman.

@Yberion you always hone in on what’s going on behind things. I can definitely see how this would be one of Lucifer’s lessons. I hope to salvage the situation, I’m simply a little on edge for the moment. I don’t like making bad judgement calls, drives me nuts

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Wow I’m really sorry man . It’s obviously not your fault but when you’re friend is struggling you have the need to help and that’s 100 % fine . I would ground yourself , cleanse yourself , cleanse his house ,cleanse his body and have him participate. He needs to want to be cleansed and needs to want to get rid of these things . Maybe call on someone you know will have your back like Beelzebulb or Lucifer ( someone you have a strong relationship with ).
I feel for him because if he’s addicted to drugs his energies and mind arent soundly there . My sister was addicted to heroine along time ago but she got through it and is still clean to this day and I hope the same for your friend .
Stay strong , you can banish anything if you’re strong but be careful not to get a swarm of nasty entities coming your way . When I was a kid I use to banish nasty entities from peoples houses and I was like 7 years old , you can definitely do it . Just remember if it gets too bad Lucifer will have your back , especially if you guys have a relationship already and if it is some kind of lesson …then lesson learned . Don’t make deals with entities like that in my opinion they aren’t trust worthy or worth the time . Be strong , I’ve found the most effective way to banish them FOR ME is in dream state but do what you are comfortable with and know you can do . Good luck

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I see. Well, would have been good for him if the pact had worked, talk about a win-win, but it’s history now and I’m not seeing that you made it worse.

You have 2 entities to deal with, you don’t know why they’re there or what they want, but one of them referred you to his manager instead of explaining.

On to the banishing! I think I saw you think it would be temporary, but I don’t know why - if you say so, it will be though, don’t know why you’d insert a limiting belief like that?

Make it clear to your friend too, so he stops giving them permission to dick with him, that they can’t come back, that he can’t be weak willed and let them come back. Get him angry and self righteous to fuel it or something, he’s got to step up and help himself at some point. And maybe explain to him how to use that board safely or throw it away, he’s been pretty irresponsible with it, and as an addict, he didn’t need help attracting nasties.

Or as mentioned, bring in Lucifer or Belial or someone to talk to them on your behalf.


Aha, thank you for pointing that out. I was under the impression that these were spirits underneath Pazuzu, and he was pissed off about things as it stands. However, the goal is not to be subservient but to stand as equal to the gods. Limiting thoughts are counterproductive to that goal, and limit itself is nonexistent. I was still thinking in terms of cowtowing around the deities (if indeed the deity is involved, and I’m not just making rookie mistakes)

Sorry to tell you but there is nothing in your friend’s future but pain, he either has to accept the horrible but short term pain of withdrawal or what the demons will do to him because in all likelihood they won’t kill him outright, they could have but didn’t, no they’ll torture the fuck out of him for as long as they can, that’s how they generally operate. So your friend really needs to understand that fact.

So the first thing i’d do is summon Pazuzu and ask him directly about all this, he’s not unreasonable but takes covenants deadly seriously so proceed with caution, your not responsible for your friend’s actions but you’ll be making a terrible enemy if you try to get between them so only banish if you think yourself ready for that war. But if you do insist on doing banishing then i recommend using the Sumerian prayer to Inanna

"Enu shub am gig absu, kish agigga gar shag da sisie amaradaya, dingir ud kalama siniku, dingir ninab guyu nexrannku, ga ya shu shagmuku tu!"

It seems to work the best against these kinds of entities, IMO anyway.


Been there! Seen that!
Over and over again, as it turns out.


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I strongly recommend The 21 Satanic Points by Conrad Robury, particularly VI.



I gotta say, to go after someone this hard over an insult (but we have no idea what happened) seems absolutely ridiculous and massive overkill.
What on earth did this guy do? You really need to know.

Assumption because “ouija = zozo”, Impression or confirmed? Everybody’s drama llamaing left right and center but I don’t think we even know this is the case.

Again, this is an addict, they attract lesser entities including human ghosts that are still addicts looking for the fix they miss, I’m not hearing you’re certain when or how these entities turned up or who they are.

I had a flash and did a small scan, and found myself talking to Pazuzu. (He thinks he can posture apparently: I posture harder. I’m actually very angry at the apparent unbalanced nature of this interaction and was up for a fight, but apparently it’s not worth it and we’ve both calmed down. Pity, I do love a good fight.) Anyway, picking on an addict is uncool.

So, they’re not pissed off - they’re just lesser entities dong what lesser entities do - feeding off the pain. @DormiensDei - they partly just read your mind and played into your knowledge of ouija and zozo to play you. You were right that they are slightly aligned with Pazuzu, but not directly - he didn’t send them.They’re so minor it’s not a big deal.

Pazuzu is known as a trickster that happily let you think rubbish because it was funny, and engineer it so you have to ask him for more because energy. If the pact was to lose the addiction - Pazuzu could have taken the addiction away, but… he said he didn’t because didn’t want it.

You should confirm for yourself, (I wrote “he’s a liar after all” but he’s going ‘not on that’) but my gnosis is the pact was never actually accepted. I don’t know - that’s a bit low even for Pazuzu to pretend to accept a pact, does that sound reasonable to you?

Whatever, there’s too much unknown to make a decent decision on, you need to find out what’s actually going on.


They can also be intelligent, well rehearsed and subtle.



I thank everyone for the thoughtful responses and advice on the situation. I will be performing tarot tonight, and meditating on the subject. If any are interested, I’ll update the thread with my reads, and with updates on the situation.

@Uncle-Al I had underestimated how subtle lesser entities can be. I will learn to be better from these mistakes


As far as i knew a proper pact has to be written on ‘parchment’ or paper and signed with your own blood. Full summoning ritual needs to be done and terms negotiated ( red dragon author unknown) or does this only apply to Lucifuge Rofocale??! Or if going by Anton LaVey when doing ritual/ black mass ‘requests’ can be written down and burned. Can a pact be done via a ouija board?? It’s a bit on the dodgy side as you could b conversing with any spirit or entity. Including malevolent spirits pretending to be demonic. Am I wrong? Also if I am correct in thinking that there is a correct procedure for entering into pacts then there is no pact and therefore the pact has not been broken and no repercussions? Or am I just a stickler for the old way lol

My friend finally went back to his house, and I went there as soon as I got off work.

Grounded, bathed, banished my doubt.
Sung to Astrea Elohim for some purple fire.
Called to Lucifer for guidance and energy.
Called to my Self for… because I couldn’t not. My shadow or godself was chomping at the bit for days beforehand, hard to keep under wraps.

Got to the house, and he had friends over. After some idle chitchat, I make him shut everything down, as he knew I was coming over to do this shit.

I get ready, and pull out a seal to keep away impastas (credit to @Micah for that one, original picture from him below). The entities kept quiet, trying to hide in the attic. So I hopped up in that shit, in the pitch black. Felt like things were trying to hit me, but continually missed. I recited the Ashtu Malku ta dat arkata chant, and hear my friend groaning in pain. Put my hand on his head and repeated the chant until he was chill. Went back in the attic, and repeated the chant but this time the other Self was in charge. The words came out a literal growl. Faintly in the background I hear a scream in the wind almost, “WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE?! I WONT”

It’s like I was on autopilot, idk wtf was up. I made a star of David, surrounded it with yhvh trtrgrmtn ehieh Adonai. Threw inverted Pentagram, my sigil (personal sigil?) And blood on a piece of paper. I grabbed a bullet, and placed it in the center. To… bind the thing into an object if need be? I had no idea what the stuff was for until it was drawn and consecrated.

I took some sage and the stuff I just made and hit the attic. Growing again, burning sage, I saw a form in the darkness reach out. I was madmadmad. I spat at it and it ran down to my friend. Repeated the banishing on my friend and his space because I know the entity was just trying to get its last licks in.

I put my hand on my friends head, and called to Astrea Elohim, invoked the energy and redirected it to him, bathing him in purple fire head to toe. He writhed, and whined, until he settled down. And then he cried.

And then the issue was resolved.

Pic of the sigil I used from @Micah