I find this Reading contradictory

I was Reading for myself. My question concerned getting into an academic program. It was a simple 3 cards spread, I’ve got:
-6 of Wands
-the Fool
-the Death

Tbh I find this Reading rather contradictory. I see 6 of Wands and the Fool as a positive combination, same with the Fool plus the Death (2 powerful new beginnings cards), but at the same time to me at least the Death signifies a drastically new beginning given that the Fool seems to be standing over the precipice. Since Death is inevitable I would interpret it as signalling that a major change will come irrespective of whether I like it or not, what’s also interesting the Death seems to get the Fool unawares while he is celebrating a victory. My main problem when reading for myself is always trying to see the positive in any situation and here I would say it’s 50/50 between seeing this Reading as bringing positive or negative news. Do you see the overall tone of this Reading to be rather positive (meaning signalling the realisation of my goals) or negative?

Thanks for any ideas.

Unless you’re already in that same educational establishment, I’d see this as saying you’re heading for a major life change, which is what you want and fits with the change in location, living quarters, all friends, income, expenses, what you’ll eat and who you will know, and you will end the era that came before. So if this is a going to college situation, then I’d see Death as the most appropriate card for that.


I second this.


Positive. The Victor, the true Victor, walks by faith in the face of death.

Negative- victory is fleeting, when foolish in the face of change.

Note- both meanings are the same. Victory comes to the one who is faith-filled and fearless at the time of transition, but it abandons those who are ignorant and deluded and unaware of their surroundings who come to ruin.

It’s two sides of the one coin.

Victory to the vigilant!

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6th of wands - means you have achieved what you wanted and others give you credit for achieving this.

The fool - means this chapter of achievement is done and you are now starting a new endeavour this is new which is both exciting and scary. Hence you feeling a bit all over the place or unsure of how to feel.

Death - This new path will bring a new transformationsal period in your life.