I fed him my period blood but no results

It’s a traditional love spell in witchcraft. It is believed that by feeding your lover your menstrual blood, it would allow you to dominate him so he will never stray.

One of the concubines of King Henry fed him her mentrual blood to keep him from trading her in for a younger model as she grew older. When he found out, he exiled her, though according to the law at the time, she should have been executed for using witchcraft.

  1. People have an almost automatic (monkey-mind) inclination towards long-term relationships. I’m not saying you do but if you haven’t then think very, very hard and clinically about such an idea before going all out for it. Emotions although useful are only indicators of how we perceive and our beliefs. We must know ourselves first.
  2. Magic works in accordance with our state of consciousness, i.e. the more genuinely we believe (not fearing or desiring) in an outcome the more likely its stable manifestation. Without that, you can feed him your blood, cum etc. and none of it will work. All this stuff in rituals is meant to shift the consciousness into alignment with an outcome. If that doesn’t happen then the outcome is very unlikely to manifest.
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I hope you also used some kind of ritual and didn’t just pour it into his food or drink. You’ve gotta have serious intentions focused to make something like this work. It’s not just about putting it into his body.


Well, what can I say. This man gives very clear signs that he isn’t into you romantically, but you still pursue him very actively, this obviously makes people run away and hinders the magick. It is also a little bit embarrassing, as a woman, you should work on your magnetism and do not chase unless you’re into submissive men. Pomba Gira helps really well for this to activate in yourself.
Magick works better if the other party is at least open to connecting with you, looking at how he is emotionally tied to his ex, that does not seem the case, who knows she might have done work on his ass, too. Your spirits could also be protecting you from not having this magick work for whatever reason, your own benefit or his, or both.


I’ve been considering using my blood for a love spell on someone, but on a candle with their name carved on it, instead of feeding it to him.

However, AFAIK, feeding someone your blood seems to be quite efficient as a binding (lots of women do it, and men do it too in their own way), though there are targets that are immediately pushed back and leave. I guess it’s the target rejecting your energy, but the target is bound nonetheless.

Anyway, since it’s kinda on topic, anybody got experiences doing spells with period blood on candles (not feeding)? It’s just an idea I’ve been considering, but I’ve never done it before and I’m still not too sure about it. It feels like it might be overkill.

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If you feel like it is overkill, then maybe it is. Trust yourself :slight_smile:

I’m still undecided because it’s most likely overkill… but nothing seemed to work on this stubborn target so far, so idk

Word of caution of using period blood. Can and might effect it in your 3d body. With cramps and missing it or making it worse

I ended up using it to charge a petition and a sigil before burning them.

I used it to dress a red candle with my target’s name carved on it, I lit the candle, and almost immediately I felt something was off… so I blew out the candle before it even got to my blood, washed it, and threw it away.

DarkestKnight has offered good advice on the letting go part for a love spell before… stumbled on this while looking for something else… as you do :smiley:


Nope, I just followed my gut.

Something was totally, absolutely off about the candle, and I’m glad I blew it off and washed it.

I even feel like dropping some of my blood on my petition and sigil before burning them was a little much too. I won’t be doing it again.

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So, I have done this on someone many years ago and I kind of regret now. It was good for the time being, I did it because we were growing apart and I wanted more attention like when we just started dating. He went obsessed over me, but so obsessed that he wasn’t able to function anymore, he couldn’t work, spent all his money on things I didn’t even ask for. He was in some kind of trance. Then I did not like him anymore and wanted to break up with him, I even moved 200kms away from him. 3 years after breaking up, this guy moved into my street because he says he can only be with me. So, yes, it works heavily, but be sure you really want him. I thought I did after being with him for 4 years but things changed and now it’s 3 years later. I only once was able to have him retreat for a couple of months with a lot of demonic work and 3 month silence but then he returned and it actually got worse now. I cant even enter a new relationship cos he literally goes after any new connection I make and has his eyes on my door all day. I tried getting a restraining order on him, but there is no real “threat” according to police and no real proof of stalking and they say he is allowed to live anywhere he wants, so he does it in a very cunning way, like suddenly standing behind me in the supermarket and acting all surprised lol. Anyways haha, that was a lot of personal information.


So many warnings I’m reading on here. OP I hope you’re sure you want this badly enough to put up with future consequences whether they be good or bad.


Wow… I only used blood on the petition. Did you do the same?

As soon as I felt something was off, I blew out the candle, washed it, erased my target’s name and DOB on it, broke it into four pieces, and threw it away.

I’ve been crazy about this target for a few months now and, all of a sudden, I feel repulsion and disgust towards him, and I want nothing to do with him for some reason.

It’s a weird, literal, overnight change in me.

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Yes, I used period blood on the petition but also added chilipowder and I lit it on fire to manifest faster :smiley: With that energy I charged some crystals, too and gave them to him so the energy was surrounding him all day :wink:

but yeah thats the messed up thing, once you do not like someone anymore, which can happen overnight for whatever reason then you have a problem. I think this spellwork should only be done for if someone wants to bag a rich husband or something and accepted that they aren’t with them for love lol

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Hopefully, nothing will happen…

Lol for the first time ever, I’m actually hoping it didn’t work!

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Just wondering, did you feel unusually tired or had weird muscle pain in the days following the burning of the petition with your blood?

I’m guessing this is “normal” due to the life force invested in blood?

Hmm those weeks I was actually really active but I was also doing planetary invocations so I cant really say. Those symptoms, is that something you have experienced?

Nope, I felt unusually tired, had some annoyance in my arms, back, and ribs.

Nothing major, just unusual.

:point_up_2: Yup. In purely mundane terms: “If he likes you, you will know. If he doesn’t, you’ll be confused.”

But as far as ritual is concerned, there is always a way to tweak the outcome in your favour. :wink:

The act of feeding someone menstrual blood is only as potent as the energy and intent behind your doing so. If it’s done in desperation or idleness then it will not be as effective as doing it with calm certainty.

Possibly one of the most hindering aspects of red magic is that strong emotions like love and lust and passion compel you to seek instant gratification, feedback, and fulfilment. There is nothing like the heady early days of falling in love with someone, when it feels like your whole world revolves around them, and you exist in this blissful feedback loop of mutual affection. This can hinder anyone’s judgement, because it tends to induce a desperate desire for equal reciprocation from your target, and essentially makes you feel like you have a limited window in which a result must occur, or the opportunity will be lost forever. This isn’t the case, of course, but usually when you’re at the point of researching love spells, you feel like it is. It’s usually something done in moments of extreme emotional highs or lows.

I echo the sentiment of other people in this thread who have advised you to step back from the situation and let the dust settle. Find another hobby or pastime to occupy yourself. Much easier said than done, I know, from someone who has been there a handful of times over the past few years. Ultimately, these days, I take more of a middle, grounded stance on love magick. Yes, it is possible to win someone over, and have them become obsessed with you and in love with you. However, it is also possible that the person you choose to fulfil this role for you is not a good person, or not the right person. I appreciate this all sounds like utter bollocks when you’re in love with someone and all you can think about is winning their undying love, but ultimately people are who they fundamentally are. I wouldn’t choose a partner who wilfully ignored me, made me cry (deliberately or simply due to how I felt about them, or how I felt about them feeling about me), or someone who essentially admits they are still hung up on an ex (his “baby mama”) and now “has trouble with relationships” and won’t make time for me because he’s “too busy”. Those aren’t insurmountable odds, and I do hope this doesn’t come off as moralising (me being someone who has gone through the absolute ringer with love magick), but you are getting strong signals that this person isn’t interested in pursuing romance with you. If you decide to go ahead I wish you all the best, and I would recommend a few entities, like Haniel, Sallos, Sitri, Beleth, Yeliel(?), Aphrodite, and I’m sure many others… just be sure you don’t lose yourself and your own sense of self-worth and dignity along the way. :bouquet: :four_leaf_clover: