I don't wish harm upon people

Hey there!

Just wanted to say that I honestly don’t really listen to or cling to anyone or any book or any religion.

I don’t wish harm upon people. I don’t steal none of that.

I’m all about awakening my own potential.

I reverse all curses against me all the time and life is pretty chill.

We come in to Earth alone and we leave alone.

I don’t try to get involved with angels or any of that either but they visited me a lot when I was a baby. Or at least one did. A very powerful one man.

Yahweh is obviously very patient and not what we would think with a human mind.

Why he decided to make things the way they are is not up to me.

Wanting someone dead is not up to me. Hating someone is not up to me.

What people choose to do is not up to me nor my concern. How people chose to express the God Force within them is not up to me.

If you ask your children to do something and they tell you to go fuck yourself I’m guessing you would punish them in some fashion because they live under your roof.

Same deal with us. All of Yahweh’s creations are his children.

Yahweh is so vast no one can really know what Yahweh is about or why this Force of creation chooses to do what it does.

I am thankful that my spirit energy was created. I enjoy existence.


…get out!

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Your opinion is not my concern. I simply typed what I wanted.

Im messing with you xD



Nah you can go troll elsewhere I’m snitching.



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Red heads are hot.


Unfortunately… man’s not hot


There’s more than just looks to make some one be hot or not.

Use some seductive charm, or be super fun!
Just be careful and don’t end up in the friend zone because that kinda sucks.

Man’s never hot.


I was referring to the meme :joy::joy::joy: yours humbly is rather smexy!!

Perspiration ting

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Oh haha!! I don’t look at me mes too much :joy:

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Do I even wanna know what smexy means?

Super massive sexy :joy:

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I love how we hijacked the thread


Well right on then :smiling_imp: :+1:

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At least it isn’t about trolling anymore!