I dont have tool for the rite

Can you guys recommend something to replace the candle? In my country, I can’t find any candles to perform the magic ritual or spell casting.

Do you have electric candles? Or a small lamp?

Unless you are doing a candle spell, you don’t actually need candles.


I read somewhere that like candles, ice also melts

freeze some water in some form
carve with pin or needle what you need atc…
put the herbs on it according to the spell
focus on what you want it to do, (you put your intention into it use some sentences that you will repeat as if it had already happened in the present tense )
focus then as if everything has already happened
and let it burn,
in this case, let it melt somewhere outside on the grass, ground,
the soil so that it soaks


The request is need the candle, which you can find in the book “Energy Magick of the Vampyre: Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation.” Additionally, I don’t have the things you mentioned.

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I’m not sure if i can use tarot cards instead.

Use a gif of a candle on your phone/laptop.

It’s not quite the same energy but it works well enough to get the mental juices flowing.


It is not candle magic, but it is a kind of ritual initiation. I will ask again, can I use tarot cards to replace the candle by representing the fire element (Wand cards) instead of using a red candle, and use disk cards (representing the Earth element) to replace the black candle?

In the ritual, it requires two red candles and one black candle. You should understand that I live with my roommate, and I cannot let people know that I am practicing unusual things

No, the fire is a gateway to spirit in a way that a card is not. You can also use water.

I suggest doing the ritual outside, in a quiet spot in the woods or something. There’s no rule that it has to happen in a house, and in a lot of cases it’s better not to bring these energies to the same room where you sleep for basic spiritual hygiene reasons. A black magick ritual meets this criteria.

This is an excellent idea!!!

Using one ice cube per day.
Charging the water prior.
Let the ice melt or putting it in warm water.