I don't feel free, I feel chained

So I’m always stuck in my head, worrying about stupid insecurities. Anxiety when I’m out alone, feel like i can’t breathe. I just want to be worry free and no anxiety, I just want to feel free, calm and it just feels like something is chaining me down. I don’t know what to do, need some advice.


Well. You will probably want to get to the source of these insecurities. Start small with the least of them and work on improving positive traits and feelings to build confidence.

This is a bit of a read but would be applicable to your situation. You need to try and take a step back and evaluate what are the most pressing issues needing work and where you can start and easily have initial success to keep you going.


Go outside, take off your shoes, breathe as deep as you can, and on the exhale FORCE that shit out and down into the earth where it can dissapate!!! Helps if you hold hematite when you do this. Previous for grounding. Use sage to cleanse yourself and your space if possible. Make a votive offering to your Lord, RELEASE and SURRENDER your problems. Bend the knee to the will of the Divine, don’t cut yourself off. Be open and receptive to the boons and glory that are all around and continue


Dammit!!! Apologies, accidentally sent. - to flow. Perhaps your resisting your path? Not sure why I posted. Sincerest regards fellow pathwalker and best of luck. Hope this helps.


Also I agree with @Nemisis.

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Dear Dagoth,

I’m sorry, if i miss out on having talked to you before,
as i assume you may have changed your name.

(Dagoth somehow rings a bell, i’m just not sure.)

what you talk about isn’t such random as you may think.

overcoming anxiety is a little bit of a bad aproach if you ask me,
since many times that means living through the scary scenario in one or the other way.

Besides, Fear is a mechanism designed to keep people alive.

That being said,
there’s options i do suggest.

  • Belial helps magicians overcome fear.

I can’t tell you how reliable his work is and what to prepare for when going that route - i haven’t taken that pathway.

From what i hear, he can for example help you overcome them by showcasing in an Astral Enviorment,
what would really happen,
and get you out of it just fine.

secound, many people misinterpret overthinking, and constant worry with fear.

Now this is importend,
becouse especially when we work on manifesting something which hasn’t been in existence before,
the mind is getting very occupied,
that’s one of the reasons why so many professional Magi tell you to “Set it and forgett it”.

to help numbing your mind,
sometimes the best aproach is to go to a different areal of life,
and focus on something which is just simply far away from what you’ve been focusing on.
“The eat a Sandwhich and go do some mundane stuff trick.”

Since you point to your breath being dimmed down,
you may consider if it’s actually panic attacks you’ve expierienced.

If so, talk to a doctor and someone you really trust,
to find out if there is a real danger you have to be aware of and care for.

I could go on,
but it’s obviously not a joyful topic.

Please give us a little feedback if you feel something changed or need further assitence.




Bam. Right there “Set it and forget it” “Eat a sandwich and do some mundane stuff” Take a breather, a tactical pause if you will. Both very good ideas from @Yberion

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Lack of confidence is one of my biggest issues, confidence is an on and off thing for me. I feel confident some days, no anxiety then on other days no confidence and anxiety.


Then definitely meditate on that and investigate your memories of those days and try to relive them to investigate why you might be experiencing those shifts on those days. Look for patterns in yourself and the environment that act as triggers stress use what you get to help prompt your future activities into creating more confidence and lessening your anxiety. As I said start small first and if you have to pick days where you already feel confident.

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I guess I should mention that the anxiety and most of my insecurities are triggered in public, when I am around other people.

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That’s something I always do, for sure I can say that when I get anxiety I always worry that people are staring at me in public.

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Worry free? Good luck, I would say I have accomplished much, but grown more unique… situations.

I’m still somewhat new here, haven’t changed my name.

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Might want to follow that train of thought to find the source of it.

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Alright, thank you for the clarification.

Regarding your Confidence request:

(take this more like a subliminal, not direct teaching material. Listen while doing something else, like household work.)

It’ll help you link together what you learn from the other sources.
Try to make a Subconcious link in your body to really gain control of the emotional state,
and feed it to be able to break through other States.

Here’s the material to formulate an effective Confidence mood.

And, to address that aswell,
the Tower Ritual is actually a Confidence boosting technique aswell.
As you grow yourself infinately big, and encompass all the created universe,
you acknowledge that creation to be yours.
And as it’s your creation, it follows (/obeys) your command.

I’m sorry, but the sheer fact of being able to evoke,
means you’ve mastered Confidence to a degree most Confidence Teachers will never reach.

the main point, is becoming aware of that.
Truely acknowledging that capability within you.
And yes, that comes with big struggle,
for many of us, but it’s also very worth the Effort.




Jump in! Think of it as a type of aversion therapy. Go into a public place until you can barely stand it, take notes. Do better next time. Honor the Gods by sacrificing meaningful things to them such as fear. I’m going through the panic thing in my readjustment to civilian life. Practice, practice, practice your craft. You will have more successes if by nothing else than sheer mathematical probability if you do more magick/meditation more often. Get on it. Procrastinatination is like masturbation it feels good now but in the end you realize you just fucked yourself.

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Become the predator of fear rather than prey.

Most people 99.99% of the planet doesn’t know you exist and does not are about you at all. In public people are usually absorbed in their own dramas. Some are funny to watch and listen too.

I live a pretty isolated life but I bike to town and purchase goods and spend a few hours on the library computer. I talk to some people and sometimes I fall into the “talk to much trap.” I take note, then avoid waste of time conversations.

Generally ok:
Good day
Good evening
Good morning
Have a good day
Zups, sup, ello etc.

Keep it short and they’ll forget. Mundane clothes that draws no attention works. Most people can’t read body language or facial expressions all that well and are usually stuck with faces in their phones. Regular clothes and coverings make you practically invisible.

Be friends with friends if you have friends but treat others as just casual occurrences and forget them.

I used to be scared of closets, the dark, forests, creepy places. Now I walk those places haunting frequently when I can. And I love to see, hear, feel the terror of people that are afraid of those places. One house I’m sure was haunted had a series of secret rooms behind the bar to a creepy storage room. I felt a presence, so I just jumped on the pile of dusty sheets and papers, turned off my light and took a nap. I could literally feel the ?!?!?WTF!?!?! from the presence. After my sis in law was done scouting the house as a prospect to move, she called. I heard her, dusted myself off and said CIAO to whatever and that was that.

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I really like your story and I agree with most of what you’ve said. However there ARE people whose attention will naturally be drawn to either extreme, a person who flaunts it all or is actively trying not to be noticed. “Fear is the mind killer” friend don’t be its next victim. I’ve seen too many would-have-been-mages destroyed by fear and a lack of good and proper faith in self. @Keighn you’re right most people can’t read body language or facial cues but anyone who can may be intently interested in what someone is hiding especially if that person is sensitive or a mage. Predatory instinct, training, and tracking ability do not a pleasant combination make for a likely young magician with confidence concerns. My two cents, stride tall, head held high, and look whatever terrifying thing comes next right in the eye spit in its face and scream “Fuck you, my soul is my own or the God’s!!!” It’s unlikely anyone would run across one of these people but not impossible and it does happen. Maybe this isn’t the path for this particular issue though. Who knows?

Great advice, though I have a hard time caring about talking to people at all. I only really talk to people if they approach me and start the conversation.