I don't feel capable of loving someone else

i give up
im just not going to get close to anyone unless i find they are like deeply in personal growth.
i just don’t feel its fair?
like others will always need me more then i need them because I have been fine for the past two years alone?
i should have known. im just going to keep distancing myself from a close relationship with others because it will just feel fake.
i spent two years? alone and even though i talk to people at school now i don’t connect with them and i feel like i grew away from most people and i just feel like im watching my human self and their human self talk.
this is ok when you don’t get too close but i won’t be able to feel like others seem to.
is this the right way to go?

You’re mixing things up on your post OP.
The incapability of falling in love with someone could be translated as asexuality which would make you a part of the LGBT community. That is perfectly fine and I’d say that there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. It’s just what it is. If you wish to change that for whatever reason you could surely use some magick . There are similar posts that I’ve seen in here which should be easy to find using the search function.

Now if you’re talking about not being able to get close to people in general then ,again, there are posts out there with a similar topic.
I don’t believe that’s a problem personally. I am an extrovert and still have a hard time forming meaningful relationships with folks. I feel like they can’t understand me or don’t want to , but whatever. So ,actually, it’s pretty normal to me.

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ye im already trans and pan which makes it hard enough.
like id really like to be close to someone but like the song “turning out” by AJR and the pt 2 is how i feel like whats the difference with love and friendship? pressure
i don’t know if its just who i look at for connection or if its me yet
<3 i guess im pretty ok alone i just miss connecting
thanks Mystic

Just treat people the way you want to be treated yourself.

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You’re very welcome :slightly_smiling_face: