I did the lettering method twice

First time roughly 10yrs ago and another 2 or 3 about a year ago.

As of recently, i started getting random names popping into my mind and a few of them i can see the letters clearly, the pressure on my forehead is fucking intense from time to time, it switches between my forehead and the top of my head.
I know it has worked because i feel it and other reasons lol, but my question is how many ? Is it all the names that i am getting or just the few ?
Pressure on my head started a while ago but it felt like someone is actually thumping my forehead.
Ohhh and the voices that i consistently get in my mind, so far, they all sound like my thoughts but then again…not sure.

Lettering method : twice.
Creepyhollow : a few times.

So my question is… since i only did the lettering method twice…it should only be 2 succubus right ? Or 1 ? I honestly cannot tell how many.

I initially thought creepyhollow was bs but now idk lol or im maby just losing my mind.

The whole astral plane thing is new to me, i think i went before but idk, it felt like watching a pov through a filter lens with a green hue and sometimes blue.

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Solved, all good lol :sunglasses:

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