I did my first evocation of Lucifer!



Today I did my first evocation of Lucifer. I have felt an attraction to him for a while before hand. I spoke with a Priestess and she said Lucifer wants you to call on him and about how he is there for me. So today was the day. I got my universal circle from BALG, 2 black candles, 2 white candles, 2 Lucifer sigils one big for me to sit on and one to scry into. A large black mirror that I had against the wall infront of me. I got dragons blood incense, an organic orange, and a small quartz crystal. I also took a few puffs of a blunt lol.

I sat in the circle, facing east. All 4 candles were lit, black mirror infront of me, lucifers offering on a plate before me. I take a few hits of my blunt. I sit in the circle on top of lucifers sigil. Then place my right hand on his sigil and scry into it. I say the incantation “Balsh tu balesh tu agt ma tu” many times. I focus on his sigil, with him in mind. I say different things like “Lucifer, the light bearer I call upon you
Open your gates an allow me in
Let me drink from your fountain of life
Feed me with knowledge and power
I call upon you Lucifer.
I tell him to allow me to feel his power and esscense and for his power to merge with mine.
I asked for him to help me with some financial problems and a few other things. I wanted to see clear or hear signs of his presence more than anything. I’m skeptical if he heard me?

I felt very relaxed but also somewhat nervous. I kepted hearing a popping or tapping sound in the corner of my room. It would happen every couple of minutes. I told lucifer to show me many different signs. I think he showed me some signs but not exactly the same that i asked for. I took the large sigil under me and placed it in front of the black mirror and continued to say the incantation. Some things I noticed were. The sound from the corner of the room. At one point i saw a spark of light flash in the large sigil in front of me. When I closed my eyes I saw a red dot and I was trying to follow it but it moved out of my peripheral vision(when my eyes were closed).
I thanked Lucifer and dismissed him.
I don’t know what to think of this. Maybe my senses aren’t strong enough yet to be receptive of him? Any suggestions?


I’m still working on opening my senses, and one common thing I see are these “sparks of light” shooting around briefly randomly. The spot of light, and the sound in the room, are all signs to me that he was there. I would say you should definitely count this is as a successful connection made. Good job! :+1:


Thank you! I just hope I make progression. I will definitely start meditating everyday as I know that is key in opening up your senses.


I’m really curious as to what Lucifer thought of my offering :joy:

If anyone can do a read on me and ask Lucifer if he has anything to say to me that would be greatly appreciated!


Yeah he was there, he is awesome. Ask him to teach you magick. I did a few months ago, still learning from him. I’ve never had a failed evocation, but I thought some had failed in the beginning. However each one worked, I just hadn’t developed my senses enough to see. Keep at.:ok_hand:


As @veneficus said, I’ve had the same visual experience. Congratulations, man!


Congrats bruv


How long did it take for you to develop your senses more?


Never dismiss the emperor never, let him stay talk to him let him get to know you ,Lucifer loves music and chocolate red roses , yes he was their speak from your heart open up to him call him father light I give you my soul mind and body ,merge with me so we can be one ,peace brother I hope that helped


Ayee good job buddy your evocation was certainly a sucess, I think he was trying to communicate with you but you haven’t really opened your spiritual senses enough to really hear him, first time I did a evocation I didn’t hear shit either I just felt a presence and it left me powerless haha… But anyways I think you should mediate and try improve ur senses and rest Lucifer will take care of… And don’t dismiss him it’s considered disrespectful rest is up to you good job once again! :grin::heart:


Wow that amazing!
I my self I prepared some offerings last week for Lord Lucifer and it was an amazing honor to feel Lord Licifers presance I think Lord Satan also came because I felt also a darker presance behind me for using Lord Satan essence, anyway It was a great Honor to see that it’s Majesty accepted the offerings.

Hail Great Lord Lucifer!!


Why not? I did once my evocation was over. :man_shrugging:


I believe that Lucifer was there. I mean, you saw the signs and felt him. However, you probably need to improve your astral senses.


@William_bey once a ritual is finished, you can dismiss the spirit. The thing is, that you should do it in a polite way. I mean, don’t just tell them to leave, but thank them for coming and say “farewell” or “goodbye”.


My first evocation was silent. I then heard him clearly about an hour after the ritual. In time, your senses will grow and it is like building a relationship,it takes time and dedication.After a year, it was clear. Good result.
I always end with a thank you and let him leave when he wants. To dismiss him would be something I shudder thinking about so be careful.
Lucifer is wonderful and I am happy you are working with him. Be prepared for life changing results


Well do to me it’s like a disrespect, it’s inviting someone to your house for dinner then tell well them thank you for coming goto leave now , I do thank him but I will let him stay and talk with him ask him for advice I treat like my father , I let him lingere try to bond with him as much as I can


Good job by the your a nautrual keep up the good work ,bless


Good job brother your a nautrual keep up the good work ,next time make your you do some banish lesser banishing pentgram ritual, before the ritual just a suggestion but it’s a important.


did you feel tingling in your body? feel hot? the first time I evoked him felt a little heat, but my candles were moving so I knew he was there…


I didn’t feel any heat. Just a odd sensation in my spine for a little. Now that I am thinking about it the candles at one point were dancing around pretty sporadically. I also saw 1 of the 4 candles having a very strong tall flame.

I remember having a grin on my face when the candle started dancing hard. It was cool :grimacing: