I did my first evocation of Lucifer!



he was there with you.


“ Balsh tu balesh tu agt ma tu “
What sort of incantation is it?



It’s an incantation that was given to me by a high priestess. I believe its a pretty well known incantation.
Do you have one that works well for you?


Well…I was drawing Lucifer’s sigil, and before even completing it, he knocked over my backpack. Beat that.


:joy::joy::joy: Maybe I should draw his sigil next time. Last evocation I used thick sheet of paper and printed his sigil on it and cut it into a square.


I use His Enn


Not to long. I’ve been a student of E,A’s now going on two years. Read questing after visions.
I’ve worked through the soul travel course and am about halfway through the divination course. These courses have changed my life. It’s worth the investment. It’s actually worth way more than they are charging.


This incantation was given by Lucifer personally, you can use it for every evocation, it opens the gate immediately Baleshtu,Baleshtu agt ma tu (spirit name),very powerful !