I did a big oopsie-

with magic you can do anything right?-
so long story short i believed in that and have full faith in my magic casting abilities.
so this one time i was watching something (a TV show) and i really wanted to be there, like- a freaking lot.
then suddenly out of freaking now where the room feels like its spinning and like i’m being sucked into the TV screen to the otherside of the screen.
and tbh that freaked the hell out of me, so i slammed the laptop shut, and as soon as i did-
lord and behold-
it stopped.

so i sorta wanted to know if i was actually doing what i was doing? which is sorta going into that dimension using a picture of somesort?
im so confused.


oh and this has happened at least twice now.


Master this,this is a great ability and I have my eyes on this topic too :eyes:


Very interesting, sounds like a form of asral travel, with raw manifestation of will… Either way, you should hone this skill. Talk about a hell of a way to work rituals.


There is a difference between a spiritual experience and hallucination. You had an interesting experience, good so far. Now you need to know which kind of experience was it. If it was spiritual, then work on it and make the best out of it. If it’s hallucination then you may want to seek psychological help.

Try to act like a detective, examine the evidence and believe your logical unbiased conclusion.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Look up charmed on the WB same thing happened to them and one of the episodes


Yes you did.
It’s called “Soul Travel”,
and it’s one of the advanced skills teached by E.A. / Balg.

The ability,
to be anywhere you want.

Recommended course of Action:

Next time,
you notice that pull,
write on your wrist,
your Human Name,
and the following Magickal Instructions.

“Eo Akal -your human name- raz tatu car raz apitum.”

In case you’d really travel dimensions,
that on your wrist,
is a safe and fast ticket back to your body.

So all you’d have to do,
in case you’d be lost in the other Dimension,
and not know how to get back,
is to simply look at your wrist,
and recite the incantation,
drawing you out of that dimension,
back into your body.

Drawn from:

This is going to be your “failsave” switch.

thinking of your Room,
would also do the same job,
of bringing you back to your body.

It’s natrually linked up,
so you can get back savely any time.

this “failsave”,
written on your wrist,
will help you to not be afraid so much,
and trust the Expierience you’re having more.

Armed with that,
you can savely jump into the other dimension,
and get to explore it a little bit.

For further reference:

Please report back,
when you successfully traveled.

Why i chose that Odin Video,
to guide you?

Here’s why:




alright i will try to do so, thankx for telling me, i will try this as soon as i can.
thank you for informing me.