I’d like to invoke Marilyn Monroe

Has anyone had any experience talking to her? I’d like to develop a professional relationship or friendship with her and be possibly taught by her.

You and probably the rest of the World… nice Goddess, Marilyn (Norma Jean)


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You’ll probably invoke a projection of her if she’s reincarnated already but just make sure to check if it’s a Thoughtform/mimic.


What’s a thoughtform? And what do you mean by a projection of her?

A thoughtform is a manifestation of your own or other people’s joined thoughts or imagination given energy. A projection is similar to how we astral project or etheric project, etc. we are able to evoke one another’s spirits. Same goes for the person you mentioned if you aim to invoke her.

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Oh, I think I understand what you’re saying. I need to be careful not to believe that I’m talking to the real her when calling out for her because it could possibly be imitations?

When calling out to the real her make sure it’s the actual spirit of her and not a mimic or thoughtform.


Thank you!


You might want to try evoking her at the old Byron Hotel in California, I’ve heard reported sightings of her there as she used to spend time there but never seen her myself