I could use some help if anyone is willing

Our letting agent informed us that the landlord was selling the flat that we rent. He said we have someone coming by to look at it with the intention of purchasing the flat and leaving you as the occupiers. It was cheaper to allow us to remain than to move us out. We have paid our rent faithfully for eight years.

We cleaned a little and when the people came they had intentions of moving in. Saying things such as ’ Oh your sofa would look good there and you’ll have a nice kitchen and so on. I was horrified needless to say. They had no idea that we were told that we would be remaining. I promptly called our letting agent and confronted him. He lied and lied again and each time I would catch him he somehow wiggled his way out of it.

So now we could be asked to leave anytime and we do not have anywhere to go. Very stressful time. I am disabled and my girlfriend has a fracture in her foot. We also have a really sweet black kitty and around here there are no places that allow a cat. We had to ask for special permission to get ours. Neither of us is able to move a whole household if that need should arise. We want to stay here.

I am asking for your help for us to remain. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. What can i do in addition to any help you can offer please?

Hey, can you let me know what country or state you live in. I do property management in California and can definitely advise you of your legal rights in a case such as this.


I live in England in the southwest. We have rented and paid our rent on time with no problems since June 2011. They told us they were going to find someone to purchase the flat and wanted us to remain. The people that came over were a complete shock. Thank you for any advice.

I would contact Belial. The sooner the better. Ask him to bind the new owner.


I think my advice would not bode so well internationally LOL however in California no one can just throw you out on the street you at least have to be given notice. Typically if you’re on a month-to-month You would only be given 30 day notice If you’re currently in a lease you would be required to receive a 60 day notice. I’m not too sure how credit reports work there but you could stop paying rent buy some time And go through an eviction process Which overhear can take months before you appear before a judge.

There’s actually a lot of tricks you can Pull but I just don’t know enough about English law to really give you a solid answer. I hope someone else on the forum has an opportunity to read your situation and provide some solid advice


Thank you, I am researching Belial currently as advised a moment ago.Trying to establish the most respectful way of doing so. Determining the chants I will have to perform and so on.

The letting agent even tried to weasel his way out of the official laws regarding eviction. It just proves once again that the only person who can make a difference is yourself usually. I believe that if i ask for help from this powerful community it will help with the weight of my intentions and needs.

Thank you for replying it means alot.


Yeah I think Belial is going to be the way to go for you there. But definitely google your renting rights and perhaps even an attorney.


I have also come to believe that this being in particular can work with Belial as well. He is described as being able to open any lock. Now I am not so limited to believe it means merely a physical lock but any impediment in your way. That makes sense to me and it is what is floating around in my head. I always listen to what my mind is telling me through feelings and hints.


I will invoke Belial and Surgat and make my offerings. Present the problem and an acceptable solution and see what transpires.

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Hope all goes well for you everyone took my answer to call king belial lol if all else fails contact a legal aid if there is one over there get. A free lawyer and call on Amon if he takes you to court I think it’s Amon who can help you win in a legal situation you would win any way your being mistreated unfairly they can’t just move some one into a dwelling if your still there and have not ruin your comtract

Firstly, I’d begin making record of any conversations you have with the letting agent on the subject.

Pressure them to confirm to you in writing that it’s their intention to have you remain, and to take responsibility for that statement.

Rigorously review your local laws regarding minimum notices, and the terms of eviction and home vacancy which apply to your specific situation.

You want all your non-magickal dominoes more or less in a row, so you can make them go further with a magickal push.

Well I have notified the counsel here about our situation. Mypartners work is not paying her so we are behind on the rent for the first time and someone on ebay just took my money and ran. Everything that can go wrong is it seems.

I have done workings with Belial and Sergat and so far nothing… i fear I am a disappointment to them.