I cant stop possessing people

For some reason my mind keeps trying to make me possess people wtf is happening


make a tutorial pls


I dont wanna :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Its more scientific than you think


I dont wanna possess people


Lol omg


Can you explain what happens to them when you possess them?

I dont fully possess people i stop myself before i make it in the body but to possess someone essentially your brains connect by wrapping your cerebral cortex around the victim and connecting to their brain thats my understanding anyways


Your name wouldnt hapoen to be hunter would it

Im not possessing you i just know someone else named shadowdoctor

nope nothing of the sort

Why would you wanna possess someone you could get stuck

I dont know anything about it, but I was always interested in it ever since I was almost murdered with a gun point blank. I think if i’m ever in such a situation again, I can possess the bandit to shoot his accomplice or even himself. Just a thought on the topic.


Actually youd be killing yourself

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And id think about getting a gun if i were you


So I thought

Possession goes both ways if you possess someone and you kill them as in shooting them your also killong yourself unless hypothecally you shot them anywhere but the brain


Dear Undeathincarnate,

It sounds to me like your body simply isn’t capable of holding the Energy you’re currently holding.

Go out of your body without going into a different person.

Manifest the Energy into an Astral Body,
and grow it until it fit’s the Energy current.

When it reaches bigger then Planetery, report back, as i might need to adjust the techniques in that case to fit your personal needs.

Also, this must have had some couse, which might help resolving the problem.

Try to bring that body to a dense level,
and see how that goes.

If you manifested it completely into existence,
Congratulations, you reached a new Level of Power.

If it becomes stable, but doesn’t incarnate completely,
Go back into your original body and keep that newly created one in control on a Serviator basis.

(Serviator Creation should be familiar to you, when you made your own body that unstable - if it isn’t there’s enough material here on balg to learn it in a couple of days.)




Hiya OP! Sometimes spirits get really excited at novel ideas, and there are a lot of ‘husks’ or NPCs, that is, lifeless patterns that are supposedly alive and people, in the world.

I once tried recording the sensation with someone, and while I could only manage to sense through them rather than move the form, they experienced a dream of projection that immediately ended when the trial was finished.

So if you like pushing people around, you also like pushing them out or in. I had loads of fun experimenting with that in high school! :slight_smile:


Qayos I think you should learn empathy… people have a right to their privacy and personal space.

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