I cant stop possessing people

That’s true! Even the least sentient of humans has a right to their individuality. The question that follows is ‘says who?’

Does it lack empathy, to experience the continuum-forces of another? Most drones can’t even pick that much up.

What’s better than seeing through their eyes directly, when it comes to perspective?

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These are people not drones, would you take out another car for s joy ride without the permission of the owner? The body is no different… you don’t own it they do, without their permission you are no better then a thief!

I admit if the host gives “willing” consent for you to enter then go ahead… but if not… tell me… would you have intercourse without someone whom is unable to give a response?… maybe they are in a coma and can’t feel it… would you still do it? How is this any different?


Nope! :slight_smile:

The difference between possession and intercourse is that in the latter, they feel things and it can hurt them. With possession, the degrees vary- the most intense it gets is a lapse in time and memory, but more often than not people don’t feel it when somebody else is reading their senses. When you get used to it, you can even use this kind of sense as a proximity alarm- the better you get, the more details you can get of unwanted visitors!

All humans are drones, including me, it’s just a matter of whether they’re inhabited or not. :slight_smile:

Guys qayos isnt human

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…uh, well, I’m pretty sure I’m human? I have a body that looks like people, I just learned early I don’t have senses like people, if that makes sense?

Some human bodies are just ‘empty’ or so I’ve seen, and the longer I live the more ‘husks’ and types of husk I discover. That’s normal, right?

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Yeah i used to be like that too and i mean your not human in the emotional sense


Well it is interesting to say the least.


…I can’t be the only one surrounded by zombies, r-right?

And what do ya mean, ‘used to be’, @UndeathIncarnate ? Is there a cure?


The cure is finding why you view people as husks for me the cure was finding the beuty in life cause i was an omnicidal maniac the reason for your perspective is some form of inner damage like mental damage etc

Eh that’s probably not the same as me then, if I had functional damage I would’ve noticed it by now! :slight_smile:

I’m not homicidal, though I suppose I am a maniac. Whose to say? :slight_smile:

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ANSUZ can remove bindings and negative programming… just vibrate it into the flesh and your soul will mirror it… unless you like it this way… but be careful whom you possess… Because if it’s me… you won’t get out alive… that being said actions have consequences… and that action is going to have that consequence when you get to game and bite off more then you can chew.


but it sounds hot :crying_cat_face:

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~every few decades a new host?

Or imagine it: you drove down the street with 170 mph,
crashed into a bunch of children, which fortunately slowed you down so you could survive that incident as a crippled mess -then you see a hot nurse coming into your room, and you do your yithian thing to take her place :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that broken mess you were, but now fresh, healthy and delicious :smile_cat:


i like your way of thinking,
you’ve got some things right there. xD



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Have you considered that maybe there’s a strong link from you out in the Public?
Like an Enn, which somehow attached to your specific Energy but is regularely spoken within words of normal conversation?
Or an Energetic Seal, being used by a company or media, and accidently pulling you along with it?

What makes me consider this, is haven’t concluded pathworking something that makes you attach so intensely to others.

It can happen with natrual psychic vampires, that they stumble over an ability which is built out unconciously and then triggers into their concious awareness.

The two cases mentioned before psychic vampirism, may corelate with having an active Hypersigil running.

I’m just thinking over all of this again.




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my solution was just destroying everyone i hate but you seem to know more than i do thanks yberoth

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Im not sure if I experience something similar but I have been able to do this cool “trick”. For example , if I think about a specific individual , like totally focus on them I space out and I get visions of what they are doing or how they feel. Like if said individual is by the ocean I can smell the ocean. It doesnt last long, only when I focus. Afterwards I get this feeling of euphoria. I have no clue what it is, only that Ive always been able to do it.