I Can't Stand This Person Anymore

So there is this person that I’ve ,known for almost 3 years now. We met in fostercare and he’s basically abused me mentally and physically and still has his nails in my back today. This person has made my life horrible for so long and I want him too suffer. I want too put the fear of God into his soul, I have so much hate for this person and for so many different reasons. I don’t care what it takes he’s done so many things too me at this point that I’ll do anything too get him away from me and everyone I know. He’s hurt more people then just me and uses people for his own gain. I’ve thought of many different ways I could handle this but I want one of you’re opinions or just someone’s help on this one. I’m sick and tired of him and need a easy solution. even if it isint easy I don’t care. I’ll do whatever it takes.

Does he live with you? Can you block all methods of communication? Does he know where you live?
Because it may be easier to just fuck him off.

Other wise, banishing him may be beneficial. Along with cutting the cords, so that you’re not constrained to the past while you’re trying to move forward.

If you’re hellbent on making him suffer, then sic Nergal on him

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Thankyou for the response, He does know where I live and I currently do not live with him. I’ve tried too get him out of my life more then once but he keeps on bringing me back and we also have mutual friends that I’m worried he might hurt too if he hasn’t already.

It’s like I’m his source of entertainment and have always been I want too make him feel what I’ve felt all these years, it’s like everywhere I go he’s there.

Cut him off, summon Nergal and ask him to destroy your enemy. Ask that the person be removed entirely from your life.

Then heal from your enemy.

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Probably has hurt your friends and will turn them against you if he knows you’re after him.
Start keeping documentation for a restraining order in case you need it.

Also try Angels of Wrath (book) - for exile and death
Hotfoot and Dume oil from voudun
Dra’talon, Norath, Glas-yos are entities that will remove him
Andras, Abandon, Samael, Michael will fuck his whole life up
Sympathetic magic - hex with a poppet

All these techniques/entities are searchable here.