I cant get a specific target

Short explanation, I’ve been trying to get a girl with witchcraft but so far no results.
First time I paid someone to put a spell on her, with Salomonic Magick “summoning” Duchess Gremory, failed. Notes, probably I was too desperate but I worked on that aspect.

Second on my own by just asking and meditating on Dantalion (no offerings given now I do constantly), Have a “bitch moment” with Dantalion and I told him with my regret to “F” off, same with Prince Sitri who I will later apologize to, and ask for the same task offering a bottle of cognac. I also got Dantalion’s sigil tattooed in my left shoulder, thinking that would for sure guarantee results, but failed.

A few weeks ago, I tried to ask the same with a formal ritual with Lord Lucifer’s wooden sigil, Dantalion’s same material, and Sargatanas sigil printed in paper with my blood on it. I wrote a “contract” asking for such favor and what I will give in return, “100$ in Barbeque Meat, 100$ in alcohol”, and I put my semen and blood there. I had a hard moment paying my rent and I thought that this ritual had something to do with it, like negative energy backlash.
Lately, I did it again with Duke Dantalion alone but I got drunk, and I admitted that it probably wasn’t even working as usual. Well, so far I don’t love this girl but she is kinda of an asshole and I just want to fuck her, and the feeling of not having her it kinda bothers me. But morals aside, and my psyche out of discussion, I would like to ask if there is a way to get my target for sure, thanks.


To directly answer the question, no, there’s no way to get the target for sure.

Love magick is actually more likely to make you crave her more while she ignores any effects.

But it is possible if there’s any inclination towards you on her side. Look up the Love and sec tutorials collection for a list of popular workings.


My friend, love magick is expert level. It can take years to come to fruition. It’s really no easy task.

You must find a way stop thinking about her obsessively, so the energy will no longer hover above you and your head. Let it flow, man. I know it sounds counterproductive, but this is the reality of success in magickal rituals. Don’t lust for results.

My advice for you, work your magick on other targets/girls. Cast your magick on multiple targets. By doing so, you will hopefully forget about your primary stubborn target and the magickal energy from your rituals/pacts/requests will be free at last from your grip and will go to the intented target.

You must constantly say to yourself: “If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, then fuck it. At least, I tried.”


:thinking:This issue of morality is relative, the abuse of magic is regardless of the “color” used by the practitioner, I share with you a story from the book “My life with the dead”(it is in spanish only) by the Mexican author and healer Alfredo Garcia, in one of the many stories of paranormal events that the author has had to deal with, he narrates that he once came across the spirit of a beautiful dead girl and she told him that her boyfriend, an IFA priest (supposedly a white magician) shot her because she hid her “religious attributes” in revenge because she discovered that the guy had a harem of women, and then the guy saved himself from being accused of the homicide by doing a type of cleaning that they call “EBBO” or “EBO” . So if you don’t have success with black magic you could try white magic, Nordic magic or maybe use mermaids, goblins, or “grey magic”, djinns are at least what I know of that type and I highly recommend getting one or many female marid harem djinn(they are cheap to keep) And i agree with one guy up there, it is work its works, if it doesn’t, then fuck it…

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Santa Muerte is a good choice?

I have seen many very cool practitioners who work with Santa Muerte, it has a very large range of influence, I think it can give you good results but I would recommend not spending so much money on offerings before achieving success, you can try using silver colloids or gold colloids, which serve very well to help you charge a sigil and once the work is done thank you with blood. You can also try Aschmunadai’s seal from Franz Bardon.

If I were you I would do a ritual to be more patient and to avoid lusting for results, the angels Kevashiel is good for that matter (you can find him in Brazil Paths of Power), Lucifer also have a demon in his legion that can help with patience.The way magick works is very subtle and you wasting to much to try things, it’s better to wait for a moment to see if you get any advancements. For experience I tried some love/sex spells in a target that for a moment I thought that I didn’t work, but instead of craving for results I just tried to see some very very little empowerments that had (for example, after a day she was way more sympathetic and being nice with me). In a matter of days I get the gut feeling that something changed, she was talking with her friend and her friend started bursting in laugh (her friend is very introvert and rarely she laughs like that), I was distant and I couldn’t hear what they were talking but it must be something very embarrassing (must like a secret). Through other days, she was getting more and more intimate with me. And that’s other history…

Well, in conclusion, most of the time the magick does happen but sometime we just think that it didn’t because it didn’t happen in the way we wanted, if you be grateful for little advancements and betterments you can have certainty that bigger things will happen. Just my thoughts :+1:!

Nothing will work for sure. There’s no “magic magic” meaning this love or money spell will have guaranteed results, and with that being said…

Try this attraction and seduction ritual from the Black Pullet. Someone who went by “Brother Butterball” posted this in another forum years ago, Damon Brand, of the gallery of magick brand(lol), was a member of that forum and he appropriated the ritual from that post and included it in his book Magickal Seduction.

Here is the procedure:

Bathe or shower and immerse your body in water, then perform this ritual near midnight.

Light one red and one black candle.

Red candle on left and black on right, on whatever surface/working space you use.

Place the woman or man’s photograph, or signature, or some link with person you want on your working space near the center of table.

Speak these words slowly and deliberately:

By the power of the words Nades, Suradis, Maniner,

I call thee forth, spirits of lust…

And by Sader, Prostas, Solaster,

I bind and constrain thee and the result I demand…

Go forth this night into the world,

And get the woman named blank,

And bring her to me,

Drive her to me,

Take her mind and body

and give them to me…

And I promise thee

that the release of

energy and life force

from she and I having sex

beyond mine wildest

dreams and imagining,

and doing anything and everything

and whatsoever that I want,

will please and satisfy thee…

So be it amen!

It helps to masturbate whilst looking at the person’s photograph and imagining doing various sexual acts
with her in the nude.

Repeat the spell for five nights in a row
ending on the night of the Full Moon.

So cast it, four days before the night of the full moon. The night of the full moon will be your last night casting it.


Correction (my autocorrect going crazy :rofl:): It’s Raziel Paths of Power

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Here,a black cloth medium size, you semen .lavender herb,roses,cinnamon her picture , cinnamon and honey.dedicated to any spirt you tink will help you, say you petition ,say thanks and ury all
Similar thing but calling merimim a demon of lust,it’s books on sex magick.raymundo Rodriguez has one call 2 lust spells which on one it call a spirt to do you will.amd another Lucifer , plus his more sex spells has a lot have you try a jar spell yet? Sweet jar etc to get her attention.magick is to pick the rgt spell and enjoy the results.

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