I appear to be able to break glass

Whenever I burn a set of 7 day candles I appear to be able to break one of them sometimes even before they are lit. I also once cursed someone to have one of their car windows break out and it happened. Last winter there was a spiral crack in on of the windows on the front door of my apartment building, up until recently I had no idea that I could be involved. Does anyone have any idea how or why I can do this?


If you are having jar candles break when used for ritual it is likely as a result if the energies raised for the spell interacting with the energies of the target of the ritual. If you are empowering the candles before lighting it, it may contribute to it further.

The reasons for the shattered glass and what it can mean all depend on the context of the works done.

You may find some useful info here, topic came up few days ago.


I know that, but there’s more to it than that. No matter who I’m burning a candle for good or bad, no matter what deity or demon I use one will aways break. That still doesn’t explain the crack in the front window of this building, or the car window that broke out.

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Not sure about the building window but you explained the car window.

As for the other candles that would need to be looked at on a case by case basis depending on what happened to the glass and wax did and what the working was for. I try to make the majority of my candles and they do all kinds of crazy stuff burn wise depending on the charge i put on the wax while its melting and after the candle has cooled.

Had a few turn into wax staircases last month :thinking: that was new.


@balor “I also once cursed someone to have one of their car windows break out.”

It sounds like reverse magic as you hexed someone and the negative impact of a casting has reversed itself back to you. Use caution when casting for revenge or vengeance as the results can backfire both big and small…