I am told i've been cursed by a female demon

Hi guys,
I visited a famous religous man which gives people spells for their life needs, And they actually work. But as i visited him he said that i’ve been cursed by a female (demon) and there is nothing he can do about it. And sent me to find someone with a special bloodline so he may lift the curse from me.
Anyone here can confirm i’ve been cursed and by who and what is the curse and what is the way to lift that specific curse?
BTW i am not sure about the term that i should use here about the curse, it is طلسم in persian.

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You’ve been marked

Hmm. Are you sure this is legit? This is a famous scam in the occult world. Not saying this can’t happen but even low level scammers yell out the word “curse” in effort to get people to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Take this label of a “curse” with a grain of salt especially if you have not been having symptoms of bad luck, misfortune, Ill health etc.

For clarification, Have you done any black magic, been in contact with any demons or know someone who may have used a demon to curse you? Could the religious man be misreading your relationship with a demon?


Meh, other people’s UPG, sounds like a scam to me.

Say four Hail Marys and avoid eating rich food for three days… see I can do I too :joy:

Seriously, why? What’s wrong with you? Start from the beginning and maybe we can help you learn enough to identify and fix your own issues.

Stop relying on other people to do your work for you, that just makes you an easy target and you curse yourself doing that.


This sounds like a scam.


طلسم simply means magic in Persian

I think “magic” can be taken to mean “curse” in certain situations, with different contexts.

I’m not trying to disagree with you and thanks for the translation, just adding an opinion on the term.

That’s right, be careful about that.
Demons aren’t really harmful to humans despite their historical bad reputation. They don’t use to have interest in cursing us.
Maybe he meant you have a parasite. Have you been feeling tired lately?

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That’s a really great alternative to this being a scam. It could be that there’s a certain person in the area with a reputation of being able to remove things and that’s why the “bloodline” comment was made.

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It is quite possible that it is a scam, but if that man saw something “bad”, it is most likely a parasite. A parasite can be quickly removed with banishment and cleaning on your own and without spending a lot of money. You can do it by yourself.


Im kinda sure it is not scam, i did pay him anything and he simply said he cant help me with that and sent me away.

I myself thought it is scam too but the one who gave spells simply didn’t get any money and said he can’t help me and sent me away.
I really sense a dark shadow of bad luck on myself. Thats why i came here to see if anyone else can sense sth similar