I am magusinco

I am magusinco. i started magick at early age. hexes and curses. now i am more mature and turned 40. I am in managment. I had results with money, trading and sport bets. Big money.

but now i need to relocate to the Netherlands. As it calls me.

Hail Lucifer. Hail King Paymon. Hail Bime. Hail King Clauneck. I work with these.

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Hi there, glad to see you work with my friend Bune too.


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This doesn’t really tell us anything about your experience.

What systems or method of magick do you practice or have experience in?

How long have you practiced?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

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Kabbalah and curses at age 13. Than I was afraid a bit and stopped. I did also Golden Dawn stuff. Which is boring. Later invokations and evokations. I work well with Filipino Magick, and when I did the PGM I did have a break trough. Than some GoM books and like all I can find on money magick. Gallery of Magick. And now demons.
I think demons are nice, those I work with and some LHP think we have to do rebel and all. And be “evil” but that’s not what I want.
I resonate with Clauneck and Bimé and King Paymon a lot.
I work alot with E.T.'s too which friend channel. I was abducted and don’t remember. I have hybrid children on ships. They added a 24th chromosome pair and also work on immortality, via shifting me to a 5d Ascenscion timeline. In 5d I can shape shift and change my body.It comes 2025.
. And did use light language to boost my IQ.
My idea is if anything is possible… I try it.
I healed a man of HIV+ virus. By using a friend who channels light language. After 100 days the virus was gone.
I am pretty much a gambler and bet on stocks. Clauneck told me gold and oil. I paid Nadia Arain to predict stocks. But i had issues to trust… so I lost 30K . Which I will equal with bets in wins.
I also use la petite martignale on online roulette to make some bucks and quick money.
I lack patience and don’t always listen my intuition.
Curse and money magick is what I love to do.

I am like bored as a civil servant and accountant. So I do magick to free myself.
I also work on a Space time antenna, free energy from alien tech.
I do combine sigil magick and radionics. It’s amazing what you can do.

I have some links to a Polish king and some Hyksos kings and I think Annunaki ancestry. That’s maybe why I am drawn to magick. I had OOBE and met Te’haru once. A general of the Annunaki.

As I don’t have the power of a king, I try to behave like a good king and reclaim my power, and wealth and long life.

Bune / Buné , Duchess Bime is helping me with eloquence too. Glad you have her as a friend.