How I made 10K and will make another 30K soon

Listen I summon Clauneck and Bime.

Than I follow this guy called Craig Hamilton Parker. A psychic who predicted the Brexit and Trump. Wide in advance.

I go to sport bets sites in the UK and … betted 10 to 1 for 1000 quids on Boris Johnson.
I got 10K . Politics.

I hear a Hard brexit and bet on that. I hear him say who next Labour Leader in the UK is and bet some 2 grants at odds of 20 to 1, 16 to 1 and now 10 to 1.

I will get 30K more till end of year.

I have the info from this psychic but Clauneck and Buné / Bime inspired me…
It’s easy cash. 10x-20x your money… till the bookmakers refuse to let you bet.
Unfortunately you can’t bet more than some grants because of risk policy.

I didn’t listen to Clauneck and lost 30K in stocks. I trade 200K … but i panicked and sold Beyond Meat which would go up 5-10% to my buy price. I totally misregarded my intuition because of greed.

I now stopped trading. I am 40 and soon get a kid. I can’t risk that money on stocks. But betting on underdogs made me money.

I am not good at channel demons… but I get signal.

I also curse 3 people and all died. but that’s another story. I have a strong curse from Phillipines to make people deadly ill. BTW I did it on an old lady… a tennant i rent an appartmen to… .
I want her dead… as my appartment is 500,000 USD and I want the money… she is a fucking bitch. Old and I can’t set her in the streets. I hope she dies soon.

I disgress… Sorry. I plan to become a semi pro bet maker and maybe enter WSOP.
I also try to pact with Lucifer or offer a Rolls Royce to him in exchange of a Lottery win.
Not sure he acccepts…

That’s all. It’s good I lost in stocks and recover. I realized all this adrenaline and UP and Downs is crap. It streesses me.

my guides say: You lost because you like drama. Stop. Be Devine Female. Receive now. You lost to summon and ask more money…

That’s all. This Craig Hamilton does every September / October predictions for the year to come…
So risk some money. And if you win … message me and pay me some too pls…

Thanks guys and gals

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If you haven’t please make an introduction post talking about your experience in magick and what you want to do


I can’t work out if this is genuine or spam, I want to believe in you being here to talk about this but the link bothers me.

Instead of just high-handedly editing your post, can you tell me anything to set my mind at ease?

Also, we have a rule not to discuss politics on here, so while your comments about bets make sense in contaxt, given the comments on that site and the strength of feeling around President Trump, Brexit etc in general, they are the kind of things people may pick up on and run with, asking what’s next or commenting on his prophecies, and before you know it we have a full-blown political argument, contrary to the rules: [Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics

So I am going to have to make some edits there, anyway, just wanted to let you know properly and actually get your feedback instead of going at your post with the pruning shears and no explanation. :thinking:

I bet 1000 quids on Boris and some grants on Yvette Cooper. if she becomes next Leader in Labour I make over 30k. He is genuine the man. I am sorry I broke the politics rule. I am a-political but place bets on politicians and sports men. Tour de France. Amy told me a TdF winner but I didn’t bet…

Trump and all, you can agree with him or don’t. But the man Craig predicts only possible future. He said Trump will get ill soon. So if you don’t like him cheer! I don’t like Trump as politician but modelled his real estate strategies.

Clauneck told me to bet . To make my losses even. I don’t want to break forum rules.

Check Craigs predictions on Youtube. I am not political. But I don’t refuse income from his foresight. Plus he doesn’t ask money as other psychics I consult.

Also he predicted the tornadoes and worldly events. I think some things are true, others change over time. There is no one future set in stone.

It’s not about who likes what though, I personally like Trump and have been aware that was predicted, and that he will also recover.

But that’s not the point, the point is that linking to this guy’s site and raving about him is going to cause problems, because the forum isn’t for reviews of other services, this describes the main reasons:

  1. due to our rules on advertising, merchants may not join to reply if they feel they have been unfairly criticised, and due to sometimes unrealistic expectations by buyers, that is a strong likelihood if reviews are invited from all and sundry

  2. this is a forum for BALG, a business, and hosting reviews of other businesses in the same area is just a tangle of potential misunderstandings about why they would allow this (especially highly critical reviews), or, conversely, whether they are behind praise given, to the extent of accrediting it (seems unlikely but trust me, people’s comprehension isn’t always where we might hope it would be)

  3. there are already established sites that allow reviews of magickal goods and services, and that means people are able to share their opinions on neutral territory

  4. it opens a temptation to merchants, especially the less honest, to set up shill accounts and fake satisfaction with their own services, increasing moderation workload and risking throwing the forum into disputes over what is or is not advertising.

If you only joined to rave about this guy, I completely understand your enthusiasm but it cannot be permitted on the forum, sorry; if you want to discuss doing your own magick, you are of course most welcome to do so.

But please, the following MUST be applied:

  1. no linking to his site or mentioning that you make large amounts of money by following his tips, that includes dropping hints because people will just hit you up by PM, so it amounts to the same thing

  2. no mention of magick or predictions relating to political outcomes or politicians by name, or implication (“certain US property billionaire” for example) at all, these are admin rules and there is no wiggle room there.

I know the “no hinting” thing may see a bit excessive but people WILL pick up on it and ask, sorry. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and speak from experience there! :slight_smile:

If that guy wants to co-promote on BALG he needs to contact the admins directly, otherwise the aboive, about why we cannot have reviews, applies.

Are you cool with this? I;m not being sarcastic, just want to make sure we’re all on the same page, Some forums would permit this, we just happen not to. :+1:

I understand. Sorry. You can take the post down. I don’t want to spam your forum. I thought if someone wants to make a quick buck… that’s a possibility. I apologize if I broke any rules. I am sincerly sorry.

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No problem, I’ll close this in a mo, also edited your other post, please bear the above in mind in future. :+1:

If you want to develop your own skills we can probably help there. :slight_smile:

I will take some time off BALG and read the rules. I waited long to join before writing. I will learn to be patient and reflect on this

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Okay, I’ll be sending welcome PMs shortly with beginner info etc., just clearing some bits on here, you can find the useful linkage from that PM here: Important! Friendly catch-all reminder to new members :)