I am loosing control help

Hello fellow members,
So basically i am or… i should better say was a master of my own magick. but something went wrong with me. long story short, i made my change in this word through magick when i was 12 years old. i made my damn hag of a teacher get fired from school and made her become unemployed for years. She made my school days a living hell so i wished and wished on any dark force to eliminate this woman out of my life. and it seened that someone heard me. i didnt believed in magck or demons or any of this stuff, i grew up religius and even now i have a best friend who is a pastor. i worked with magick without even known. made things happen when i just wished about them, even as just as i think about them. last year i had this obsession to loose weight and as i just thought about it i started to feel weird like something is changing inside me. the next day i started weighing myself and i was shocked that i LOST 3 kilos. Everything was going great until my pastor told me to burn all my occult books and gave up magick and demons which i summoned regularly as azazel, belial, martal and mephistopheles. he prayed for my “salvation” to his god and now i cant control my magick. Everything is going to hell for me. i cant even contact Azazel which i was very close to. i dont know what to do. i am sworn to the left hand path but with azazels guidence i dont know how i can move on.

Please if anyone has ever had anything like this happen to them please tell me how i can get back to my old self.


If you did bad things , Archangels might be punishing you .

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It seems you have a great connection to your subconscious! And what your pastor said got to you and your subconscious!
To remove any unwanted influences i suggest doing an uncrossing ritual! You can do a binding too so whatever the pastor says doesn’t get to you again!


Honestly it sound like this is your own fault, your own self doubts and letting what that pastor say get to you. Also I recommend you stop going to church, if the pastor can so easily effect you like that, otherwise he will try to continually save you and end up dragging other people into it.

There is a good reason why most occultist keep quiet about this stuff. No one wants to deal with religious nutcases shoving they’re view onto others, or trying to save them.


is the uncrossing ritual similar to the binding ritual?

I am not religious but he is my friend…i guess we all have to make sacrifices in the name of true power

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i honestly dont do bad things to people…more like bring balance to people who deserve it. my teacher was a nightmare to almost everyone in my class. so it must’ve been done. And also i had been contacting archangels like raphael michael cassiel, and auriel. so i dont thing they would want to do something negative to me, if they did i would know.

Contact this spirit for emergency aid and mediation:

He’ll understand why you did what you did, and how much you want to get your mojo back. Copy his sigil out and carry it with you, put it by your bed at night.


No! Look up how to do uncrossing! You will need uncrossing oils or herbs mainly hyssop! And black candle or darkest purple you can get! It can be done in different ways so you will have to read about it.
The binding is totally different thing! You can do it with making a doll of the person and using threads to bind them while stating what you are binding!


Yeah what Lady_Eva and MiKu said.

Gratz! I have a son that’s been bullied by teachers, I wasn’t so successful at fixing it, it’s not so easy. Nice one!

I don’t think getting rid of your books would do it, but that pastor could.

I recommend doing a divination to see if you have a curse or binding on you from him trying to cut you off, it’s the sort of thing mages do when the get judgy and want people to change… kinda like you did to the teacher, only it came around to you from the priest. He could also have set lesser entities in the form of thoughtform “angelics” on you.

But you can unhex and take back control. Search here for 'unhexing", “uncrossing”, “unbinding” and “breaking curses”