I am from the.. Nephilim?

So I’m here to talk about something that happened and I feel like you guys would be the best people to talk about it with. So I was visiting my mom and my grandfather (her biolog. Dad) and he starts to talk about the Nephilim and fallen angels. Now keep in mind he has Alzheimer’s so I didn’t think anything of it, but then my mom came in the room and told me that we actually came from the Nephilim (the product of angel and man) and My Grandfather verified it and then started talking about some random author that I completely forgot the name of but… yeah it was quite interesting actually. And this did happen a little bit back but every single time I tell my mom that I feel some thing off with her she always brings up the fact that it’s because we’re “different” and that’s why she knows I can feel the way she feels… lmao I swear I wish I was making this up. Maybe it’s like one of the reasons behind why I am here in the first place and can do things I can do?


Yes if you follow the Ancient Aliens theory, most of humanity is the product of dna engineering by the watchers. There were issues at first but it settled down and the Atlantans represent the golden age of successful humans.

Unfortunately repeated natural cataclystic disasters have destroyed not just atlantis but human civilizations repeatedly, and that’s why there’s little memory preserved of those times, just highly contested fragments found in metal and stone tablets.

Authors such as zachariah sitchin, freddy silva, greg braden, edgar cayce, and others talk in various ways about the historical evidence and what it could mean, from gobekli teppe to elongated skulls to giant skeletons, to ley lines and lake titikaka.

Its a big subject but very interesting and I think it has merit. We do have dna evidence of large parts of native american and others having atlantean dna, as well as people’s in europe, scandanavia, the Mayans, the Indians the Chinese, all having root stories and spiritual philosophies that can be traced to common elements.

So, yes, come on in, the water’s fine :smiley:


Um…no, we don’t lol

We don’t even have evidence that “Atlantis” ever existed so this is not true at all.


I think we do actually, it’s studied as part of the Hot Zone, the Dark Journalist youtube channel discusses the paperwork and research.


Not any thing legitimate.


I think it clearly is, just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The research is being done out on the open all you have to do it look it up. The ruins are now visible, particularly at Bimene


Still doesn’t make it legitimate.


We will have to agree to disagree :slight_smile:

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Depends on what you mean by “Atlantean DNA.” I know some folks out there who believe that those with Rh- blood are “descendants” of Atlanteans…but to make such a claim that’s credible, you would first need to discover Atlantis (which to my knowledge we have not yet done), and then you would need to find the remains of an Atlantean (which we definitely haven’t done) in good enough condition where you could take samples of its DNA and cross-reference it with people alive today.


First of all,

It is entirely within the realms of possibility that your family have the souls of ancient nephilim. You are all Human beings of course and more than likely have has countless Human existences before but your creation source could very well be nephilim.

As for the majority of Human beings however, most will be descended from Adam and Eve, made in the image of as we would term “God”. This was of course a spiritual affair with these two beings before the first progenitors of the Human souls that ended up being placed into the early evolutionary Human beings (when Humans started to really become aware of existence) and it carried on from there.

Within that spectrum, many different soul groups were also created…

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Well I know a lot about Atlantis personally, my personal studies are from the atlantean astral temple I train in and from my experience Atlantis is legit, unfortunately it is hard to find evidence on it but there has been a lot of Egyptian looking masonry found underwater in places around the world that are nowhere near Egypt, considering Egypt was a post atlantean colony, it’s very likely there is atlantean origin

There’s also plenty of research regarding Atlantis that is shared on Joe Rogans podcasts

Do I think it existed? 100%… otherwise I wouldn’t be working in an atlantean astral temple

As for the Nephilim, being a Nephilim descendant is pretty f*cked up, I have this in my family too and if you don’t know what you are, your life just becomes chaotic

Nephilim energy is not the nicest, it can be very narcissistic and cognitively deficient, destructive to itself and surroundings…

I’ve had my fair share of internal conflicts regarding the Nephilim DNA but it can be healed for sure and it’s a continuous process, It’s very likely Atlantis created the Nephilim, there were a lot of Anunnaki genetic modification programs back in the day, their experiments may have even been the reason why Atlantis fell in the first place

It’s very difficult finding anything about Atlantis and I believe it’s something people should research relentlessly because if you can comprehend the possibilities, it also expands your individual understanding of this planet and where it can go #Albion

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You know its funny you should mention this Mulberry but I had a dream many years ago of speaking to some grey aliens. I asked them “why do you look so different from us if God created you as well?”.

They responded “we used to look like you many years ago and infact you are our children.” They then showed me really human looking guys that looked very similar to us, with hair, clothes, etc but they had large pin like heads and large oval eyes. I saw them intermixing their DNA with the primitive ape like creatures (us). During my third eye visions, I saw that without their help, the Earth would still be in a primitive ape like state even to this day.

I asked them “why do you look grey and have black eyes” to which they answered “when you have been in space for so long, you lose your own Human looking appearance. But we love humanity, you are our children and we keep watching you.” I.e the watchers.

Never realised any of this until one day I stumblee upon the annunaki well after my dream and it all made sense.

I did see that they had a big civil war on the planet at one point with one group wanting to protect us and help nuture us and the other keep us as slaves.

Not all are friendly of course but this group is. Hope this clears things up.


We know it is true regarding lore correspondent to the Golden Age, the prediluvian peoples who lived long lives and the great wide connection between the oldest of gods.
They had their age, whether it was as we read it in the books or not it does not matter. The ancient race and the blood of the Giants is a spiritually relevant thing that can be harnessed.

Daemons themselves are said to be the spirits of the God-Men and Giants from the pre-diluvian times. It is said both in greek and hebrew mythology, in hebrew mythology these spirits are the Raphaim and Nephilim.

It is possible you have a higher spiritual awareness of the Golden Blood that we bear.

-Lotan Vovin

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The whole Biblical story of Noah seems valid to me when you look at the archeological evidence that has been found all over the globe. When you consider that advanced civilizations have existed before and during “Noah’s” existence, Atlantis could very well have been one of them.

How else does one consider the whole story about Atlantis being destroyed by earthquakes and floods? It’s basically the same story. Also, consider the Ice Age. In fact, there were a few Ice Ages. So, as climate changes, the ice melts raising ocean levels in turn causing major changes in the weather cycle. Sounds familiar?

We as a global civilization may be going through a similar cycle called “climate change”. What memories will be preserved of these times? Everything is mostly electronic now. Paper rots and deteriorates. Where are our “metal and stone tablets”? Where are our pyramids?

Well, all this evidence has to add up to something, right? I have always been of fan of Zachariah Sitchin’s books and the works of Edgar Cayce (even though he was a bit racist). I also include David Icke (the Reptilian lizard dude) and Malachi York’s (mostly pro-Black/Egyptian) works.

Atlantis is more a state of mind, like the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) “Wakanda”. It’s more a global cultural thing, not at all physical. You had the Roman Empire, the Islamic Empire, the British Empire, and now the American (Corporate-Military-Industrial Complex) Empire. While there are many different nations around the world, they all feel and succumb to the influence of America.

Could Atlantis and Lemuria have been a similar setup many eons ago? Not to be political, but the USA and Russia/China could be playing a similar role today.

Yes, we have Nephilm souls. And the souls of other lifeforms in this universe (and possibly the multiverse) have incarnated here. Even if “Atlantis” is just a story, it exists in the human consciousness. So, there is an egregoric-thoughtform aspect to it.

The question is not whether anyone is from the Nephilim. The question is are we as humanity learning from them? Are we repeating their destructive history?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~ George Santayana

“We’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive." ~ Kurt Vonnegut

“It’s been my experience, Langford, that the past always has a way of returning. Those who don’t learn, or can’t remember it, are doomed to repeat it.”
~ Steve Berry, The Charlemagne Pursuit

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So i know for sure then bc same

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If you’ve had that confirmation don’t doubt, don’t neglect what you are, not everyone is human, you have tend to your needs and really work on your higher mind and energy circulation otherwise the Nephilim shit will act up and create chaos in your life

Nephilim is chaos so you have a lot of power/potential you can actualize

A lot of of the new Nephilim descendants that incarnated in this era are here for self mastery and help rewrite the fallen DNA coding of the earth

So everything you do will contribute yo that collective, it’s pretty black and white but you either become a part of the problem or you become the solution through spiritual work

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blood Rh- it’s redheads ?

No, it simply means you do not have the Rh protein on the surface of your blood. Your hair color is irrelevant. For example, I myself am Rh- and my hair is black

okay my hair is dark brown as black nephilim or the people of elves in human form are perhaps a little nephilim.

Oooo I do love this subject! I had dreams of coming from a city from the water. It was one of the many that existed. Though there is no real true evidence of a lot that I dreamt, I personally feel that there is a lot more that happened and is happening right now.

I personally believe we lived other lives and some not even from this universe. There is multiple bubbles per say that act as a whole other existence. Kinda like grapes. So to have a race or even groups of races that came here to colonize here and some races that pre date human beings such as a Reptilian race. But of course this is my own personal beliefs. :slight_smile:

But to have such interesting thoughts on the “what ifs” and “maybes” and to question more on existence. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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