I am a newbie

Hi everybody
I am interested in magick for 3 years, I am doing some basic meditations but I have never tried a real magick ritual.
I have a few basic aims. Before the beginning to magick, I want to restore my mental health. I am using antidepressants.
And then I want to develop my spiritually and make a radical change in my life, like become overconfident person and become ambitious person and I want a real power. I am a pessimistic person and so dull. Maybe some changes on my character
I dont know how much can magick give these things or can it give.
Can anybody share beginning magic topics ?

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @MagnumOpus to the forum


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No occultist I know has triumphed without fucking up at least as spectacularly, at least as often.

And I doubt it’s any different for occultists I don’t know.


@MagnumOpus Hello. I’m a practitioner for 3 years. I get results quickly. My best advice is making a pact with a spirit. Especially a king. Write into the pact all your desire and what you wish to know. Your evolution will expand rapidly.

Thanks for your comment. Which spirit do you recommend at first according to my aims

Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistopheles are the initiators in mid evil grimoires. They’re good. You can use any of the demonic kings or gatekeepers. Lucifer is good too. Just research different spirits and find one that aligns with your goals the most.