Hymn to belial

itz ra cha belial
i call upon the earthy lord of the bottomless pit
the great king of the infernal empire whose name is belial
the damned,the wicked one
the ground the great element of earth
the strengh,the wolf
i call upon the gatekeeper of darkness the damned one the wicked belial
i call upon the serpent i call upon the bringer of death otherwise known as Mortifer
itz ra cha belial (x3)
he who element is earth and fire
he who stands on the southen tower of earth
he who teaches one the art of alchemy
he who is the god of freedom and anarchy
the one who brings the apocalypse of ascension
he who qlippha is Ghagiel
open wide Ghagiel and infernal empire ad bring force the king,the gatekeeper,the wicked one,belial
he who bows no god nor man
itz ra cha belial
he whos is one of the 9 demonic divinities of the void and satan he who represents earth and power
he who alters the conciousness to higher levels
belial he who knows the secrets of our dark genes and soul
heha er’ma tsu kal’tsu manta’zu kal’esh belius es belial
belial the wicked
belial the god of earth
belial the god of sorcery
belial rise,belial i call you belial rise
kar’manta’tza kal imi’sh ees belia’ee’us in’za beliar es belial
itz ra cha belial


I like this very much. Did you write it yourself?
Thank you for sharing.


Thank you and yes I wrote it myself the incantation came to mind


Thank you for sharing. :waning_gibbous_moon:

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always use in your evocations?

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on special occasions or when i make an offering
but i could suggest this for a beginner on his first time summoning belial


WhAts your method of evokation to summond belial