Hymn/prayer to the infernal empire and infernal/demonic divine


with the power of those who fallen
the night has fallen into my eye
so again its the time to meet the infernals into my being
so here i sing this hymn to divine
itz ma rankta alashru kam lio pin
i call the whole infernal empire and the whole hell to watch as the sun,the moon and the stars watching me
from the heavens
from hell
from thee all
from the void
i call upon all the beasts and demons of the divine and empire of hell
to protect me,to heal me,to be with me,to streghn me
infernal empire open your gates so i may enter and enpower my phyche
so i may rise a stronger and wiser version of me
so i may rise as my highest self
on mak la lariku aniku ashtalishu on la na
azazel ignite your black flame within me
belial open the gates of libration and damnation the gates of enpowered
amaymon glorify me with streghn and power
abaddon open the gates to hell so i may rise
anak ma ra baaah o shi malistu on za en po
infernal empire rise,rise,rise,rise
ikmna rno qyee mantku alash en zeeyo
i am connected with the infernal empire
i am connected with the whole hell
i call upon all demons,all kings,all dukes,all legions
all earls,all messegers,all princes,all nethers,all gatekeepers,all marquis,all presidents,all knights of all hells and infernal empires
so i may connect,grow stronger,grow my wisdom
so i may rise as my highest self and grow my conciusness
watchers rise
oh great black dragon rise
on ranza mantila enzu kantilu on mak za
deep abyss hold me knowladge from the great libraries from hell who hold the wisdom of power and magic
on zak lamnu entatitu kalitu manku
demonic divine,rise
infernal empire,rise
great black dragon,rise
oh great inferno


you can say this on complete darkness or light 1 black candle and 1 red before you sleep

be blessed by the infernal - Satan.

The ritual/iniation of the infernal Kinghood information from lucifer at 21 january
Thanking the entire Legion of Demons

Ssooo dope! Thank you for this brother. Will test it out b4 bed.
Much appreciated, i have found a number of your posts emmensely useful , and i look forward to learn more from ya! thanks @Xag_darklight
Darkest blessings bro.


thanks brother,it really means a lot for me