Humans vs spirits

Are demons always more powerful than humans?




In my view any of the 72 are going to be outright overpowering to “most” humans. Though not all. Humans have the potential to grow into thier own divinty and reach Godhood.

An Adept Magician knows ways of handling them too.

Another point worth mentioning is not all demons are of the same strength and ability to manifest thier will. Just like with people. Some Magicians are very strong and capable, others not so much. So it really depends on which human we’re talking about and which demon.

Just my two cents.


You have a point.


No, none of them are.

Everything an entity can you, you can do better. The difference is you haven’t learned how.

You are exactly the same thing they are - an immortal spirit. But you are in a human body and you have forgotten who you were and all your skills. Becoming ascended is nothing more than remembering.


If you let them yes


If you don’t know what you’re doing, absolutely. Not to go all metaphorical and shit, but they’re like fire and a bunch of other things. If you can control them and harness their power, you’re good.

It all comes down to you- ya know?


That’s big nope. Depends on individual circumstances though, what is your skill level? Weapon? Astral competency? Can you invoke for the fight or is it solo? Can you tap into energy sources to use instead of KOing yourself and (hopefully) your enemy? Is the fight in our world? Is the spirit hidden inside a person, or is it external that you cant see? Does it know the fight is coming? Do either participants have spirits beneath them to help?

I think you get the point. Let’s get a little more specific


Everything and everyone has their own skill set and competency depending on the situation. Not everyone can do what another can but what you can do it figure out what you can do and weave it into the situation to better your odds but what your physical body is doesn’t always match what your soul is and most the time if you practice direct energy work from time to time instead of fully relying on other entities you should be fine. But overall is situational and individual based.

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