Humans Dark DNA - More Than What We Think

" Darkness fell upon this earth
For all creatures of nature shunned
It’s shadow and sheltered themselves
From this primordial darkness.

Except one creature, a creature still
Not yet matured in its development
This creature was swallowed whole
By the cloud of ancient darkness.

The creature suddenly evolved rapidly
It’s consciousness was expanded
It’s biological chemistry changed
The development of its genius was altered
However the darkness was the catalyst
For its evolution.

These creatures evolved to become what we know as the human race,
Deep within its genetics is a hidden gene
Deep in the strand of the humans DNA
Is a dark secrete.

The modern sciences label this
As unexplained or simple genetic junk
All because this DNA is unexplainable by the sciences of men.

When the human looks deep within
And awakens the heritage of their genes
They unlock their true power
For our true ancestor is the darkness itself.

Awaken this Dark DNA, The ancient covenant isn’t written upon parchment or skin.

It is however written in code within the genes of the individual, read it and awaken the potential within.

For the evolution must be enforced, the physical and spiritual development will rise to its truest potential. For darkness itself can swallow the Gods, so why become just a god when the Darkness itself is your birthright.

Awaken it, Become who you really are, who you were meant to be ".


well presented…

so we evolved into human form, have hidden keys within us, and the game is to awaken our full potential as per the original schema, “the aim of the game is to unlock the next level”

i guess that’s why so many people say that we are all individuals on a collective journey, with everyone at differing stages of their evolution… looks like it may be time to level up again :stuck_out_tongue:


how is that done though?