Black Alchemy - Awakening The Darkness Within

I channeled this not so long ago a story from a spirit sent to me as a scribe to tell a story about the Darkness that lingers within our DNA.

Known as Dark DNA.

The ancient elders shall awaken this potential but it begins with Belial for he is the first key here is what I just channeled from him.


" I come to you now
I have risen and come
For you seek the doors to black Alchemy
They have already opened.

You shall pass through shadows and flame
You shall begin the metamorphosis
Once metamorphosis is underway
I shall awaken within you
Your dormant potential.

BUT the black Alchemy
Does not end with me
I am merely thee key
Of one lock upon one strand
Of your dark genetic structure.

I will only undo one of the genetic knots
I will undo one of the prison bars
Black Alchemy does not end with me
It ends with all of us and with you.

Be now the eye, you shall begin a transfiguration
The transmutation of self is underway
Just by communing with me now
There are subtle changes within you
Preparing you, Awakening you.

I shall exhault you above the throne
Of the black pyramid
Above the eye of Horus, Above the eye of Osiris
Above the eye of Jehovah, Above the eye of Satan
Above the eye of Set, You are the eye
For you look out into existence as the eye and we come.

The transformation shall begin
It shall, learn from me and I shall
Awaken the one strand within you
The strand of wickedness.

Then go to the chamber of old
The chamber beyond Kings and Queens
Rouse forth the eldest one
Rouse forth Lucifer
He will lead to the awakening
Of the next strand of dormant potential
The doors of darkness have opened
The forbidden Alchemy is underway ".


Thank you for sharing this. I feel like it perfectly describes where I am when it comes to working with Belial and awakening this Dark DNA…

Powerful words… I felt Belial’s presence and heard his voice as I read this topic. It felt like he was speaking directly to me through your channeled words.

This is exactly what I am going through now. I am learning the power and benefits of finally shunning my weaker ways of the past and embracing my true self, my darkness.

Thanks again for sharing. Feel like everythings right on track. Crazy how that works…


Glad you found it helpful brother good luck man.


For sure. I appreciate all of your posts. They are well structured, written well, and sincere. Have you had anything published yet?

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No but my empire is being built slowly brick by brick, I’m taking my time, it kind of goes against my old philosophy of charging individuals money for knowledge.

However gotta make a living right :joy:.


I see you are channeling your inner Koetting. :joy:

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Definitely. The idea of sustaining your physical/material life with magick is just fucking beautiful to me, too.

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I’m about to go through this. Thank you.

Al chem means black hole creation. Alchemy is the creation of a black hole, or warportal, a purificatory alembic. There is no black or white alchemy. It’s just alchemy. You can dress it up however you want though. Just tryin to inform.

The physics doesn’t change, only the symbolism.

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The Daemon’s refer to it as Black Alchemy.
I think that’s what he’s refering too.

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Oh a demon called it this? Ok now it’s credibility is undeniable. Im just knocking it because people forget the actual physics and miss out on the best part. If it seems like it works than by all means, call it what u want it’s none of my business, sorry.

Dan Winter is the one u want to go to on YouTube to learn the electrical physics of asension.

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It’s been said many times by multiple people on this forum and on mutiple videos by more than one advanced occultist.
Questioning is smart, knocking something when you haven’t done the research isn’t. You are also knocking an individual who is more advanced than you.

As I said having a different view, meaning or experience is fine but jumping into threads without research makes your argument look immature.
And I mean immature as in not fully formed or rounded.

Have you done research on Hermeticism or ancient and modern Alchemy?
Just things to think on before jumping on someone.



it was wrong for me to get annoyed at the title 'black alchemy" and yah I employ alchemical principles in my system. At least I provided a good name to look into.

Good post @C.Kendall hopefully there isn’t any more derailment to your thread over drama.


You’re right, it won’t happen from me again.
Sorry @C.Kendall I am just very weary of those who read a title then spit out a reply but never read what was written and thus ignore all the work and effort that went into the post.

Seriously thank you. I’ve heard this, in part, from Belial as well.


You’re welcome, from myself, my godform, kalraritra and kali.


I know right :joy: And thanks brother.

@Atinama let me ask why do we have titles like the black sun, because black employs the dark or more liberating. We have things like The black pyramid, Black cube of Saturn, The Black Flame.

The demons call this black Alchemy and forbidden Alchemy, just like Kunda Yogs using forbidden Alchemy to transform man into Div / demon / god.

Black is forbidden after all, it absorbs all spectrums of light, Just like Black magick too.

So black is used by these demons and gods to show us the true freedom and power within it.


Cool, thank you. You do know your stuff.

I could feel belial but I could also feel another presence one of pure and utter pain…I’m not sure as to why tho

I knew you’d come around :wink: