Humans becoming demons

My ultimate goal with my practice and working with demons is I want to become one of them. I wanted to know if there’s any others who is doing this or have done it before?

Have you tried the search? This has been discussed before.

In my opinion (others vary of course) as there’s no such thing as demons and what you are really asking is his to become a higher energy being, then, you’re already one and like all humans your mind has been wiped and you forgot who you really are.

In that case, the question becomes, how you you remember? You do tire work and ascend to become a “living god” is how. Which means being a human with all physic abilities that are you’re birthright.

Edit to add: lesser entities match better what many call demons, and you really don’t want to be a mere ghost or parasite like them, or at least I assume so. You can incarnate as a Djinn/Fae in theory (I consider these a form of Earthbound incarnation) but I don’t know how to guarantee that.

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In my gnosis and experience that’s how I see it.
After cultivating through demonic ways and becoming one with darkness, the creature falls into hell where, after undergoing infernal torture, it is reborn as 100% demon. This is more or less what it looks like. This is a big simplification.